Book Online Tickets for Selenium Online Training, . Introduction to SeleniumSelenium is software testing framework create robust, browser basedregression automation that can be controlled by programming languages. Thesuite has rich set of testing functionality geared to create quick bugreproduction sc

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Introduction to Selenium

Selenium is software testing framework create robust, browser based
regression automation that can be controlled by programming languages. The
suite has rich set of testing functionality geared to create quick bug
reproduction scripts and support backward compatibility. Test will be written
in HTML tables and run directly on web browsers. Selenium IDE (Integrated
Development Environment) is a prototyping tool for building test scripts and
maintaining test suites. Selenium online training teach effective
methodologies for building test automation for web applications.

Techverze is the final destination for selenium online training. The intent of these training is to provide in depth understanding of automation testing and teach you the effective methodologies for building test automation for web applications. Sessions enrich all industry requirements to master selenium tool with practical demonstration. 

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Introduction
Topics- What is automation testing, When it comes into the picture, What are the
uses of automation testing.
Unit 2: Introduction to Selenium
Topics- What is Selenium, Use of Selenium, When selenium can be useful in
testing, Features of Selenium, Differences between Selenium and QTP.
Unit 3: Selenium Components
Topics- Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium
Unit 4:Selenium IDE for Mozilla Firefox
Topics- Recording the script in SELENIUM, Running the script in SELENIUM, Object 
Identification in SELENIUM, Difference between Testcase & Test suite, When to use Selenium
IDE, How to run the recorded script against other browsers.
Unit 5: Eclipse IDE
Topics- Install Eclipse, Run Eclipse, Create a new Java Project, Create a JUnit test using JUnit 
export from Selenium IDE, Run the exported (selenium) test in Eclipse, A look at, Use the SeleneseTestCase Functionality, Using the IDE to add asserts
and verifies, Difference between Assert and Verify, Creating screenshots on Failure with
Unit 6: Create a new Test from scratch
Topics- Create a new test in SELENIUM, First test with annotation, DefaultSelenium 
constructor explained, Run selenium Rc in DOS.
Unit 7: Essential FireFox add-ons
Topics- Firebug, XPather Optimise Xpath with XPather, Introduction to Xpath.
Unit 8: JUnit Annotations
Topics- @Before, @After, @Test, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass.
Unit 9: Learning Selenium API
Topics- Different commands available & its purpose, Start Selenium Programming, Running Tests
outside Eclipse.
Unit 10: With Ant build
Topics- Install Ant, Install Java JDK, Update Environmental variables and path, Create build.xml, Run
Ant file.
Unit 11: Data driven Tests in JUnit
Topics- Basic Data Driven Testing, JUnit parameterized Class Runner And Constructor, Data supplied 
by an @Parameters annotated method, Running Data Driven Test, Reading Data from Delimited Files,
Run tests on multiple browsers.
Unit 12: Structuring the tests and code
Topics- Selenium Grid, Hudson / Jenkins integration, Live Project Explanation.

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