Become A Certified Inner Freedom IFT Practitioner, Heal Self And Others

Become A Certified Inner Freedom IFT Practitioner, Heal Self And Others


  • Become A Certified IFT Practitione

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About The Event

What can Inner Freedom Resolve?

Every aspect of our lives is controlled by our subconscious. Since Inner Freedom (IFT) reprograms the subconscious, it has the ability to bring about transformation in nearly all areas of one's life. It is about realizing what we need to begin with and the transformation begins! Examples of areas where IFT will be helpful are:

1. Relationship issues
2. Physical ailments
3. Financial problems
4. Fears and Phobias
5. Spiritual growth
6. Addictive behaviour
7. Lack of Confidence
8. Legal complications
9. Delayed marriages
10. Problems at work, business etc.
11. Depression, Suicidal Tendencies
12. Negative Thinking
13. Anger, Frustration, Depression and Anxiety
14. Finding love
15. Handling emotions
16. Manifesting Desires

How can this workshop help you?

1. Learn how to access Akashic Records to understand your soul's blueprint and its growth trajectory.
2. Access past life experiences stored in subconscious memory and learn simple IFT tools to release residual energy and self sabotaging beliefs.
3. Identify your inner conflicts and relieve emotion trauma, painful memories and experiences to welcome positivity.
4. Understand 'Sacred Wounds' and how they govern our present life. Heal those wounds using Belief Work, Mirror Work and other techniques of practical spirituality.
5. Use these simple tools to align self with your soul's higher purpose by incorporating the wisdom gained through this workshop into your present choices.

Come, join us for this workshop and find easy techniques that can help your release karmic debt using simple yet effective techniques to heal self and others.

About The Facilitator :

Karishma M. is a Master Instructor and Therapist at Inner Freedom. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, equipped with Advanced Hypnotic Modalities to help alleviate traumatic memories and experiences. She creates client specific therapy plans using techniques such as Past Life Therapy and Age Regression.


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