Be the Hero Of Your Own Story

Be the Hero Of Your Own Story


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About The Event

Do you ever feel that you are living a lie and that you are hiding the depths of who you really want to be?

Do you feel like you have no worth, no value, no meaning, and no purpose?

Do you ever feel that you’ve been wearing a mask around others and that you’ve been wearing it for so long that you don’t know who you are anymore?

Do you no longer feel like the hero of your own story, but rather like the abused and helpless victim?

Do you ever look around you at your situation and wish there was something you could do to make things happen for the better?

Do you ever feel like you want to get away, start over, reboot your life, and have a new start?

Well, you can!!

Join us on the 31st of August (Wednesday) at Collab House (Film Nagar) at 5:00 pm, as Thirumur David Kiran facilitates an event such as you've never experienced before. Yes, it is an EVENT! It is not a seminar or a workshop. What is the difference? Come and find out!

Discover how to take control of your life and make it into the life that you want it to be. Don't be content to live life at the mercy of others or at the mercy of circumstances. Learn with us how to make a positive affirmation that will change your life forever!

August 31st. Mark the date. You may one day look back on it as the day your life turned around for the better!

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