Awareness Through the Body Certification

Awareness Through the Body Certification


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About The Event

Through a wide variety of exercises and games, ATB offers individuals opportunities to come to know themselves better, to explore the complexity of their being, and find ways to integrate and harmonise this complexity around the inmost centre of their being. Along with this, we want to offer individuals an opportunity to refine and internalise the senses and become aware of their own perceptions with as little outside interference as possible.

What you will learn:


    * Become aware of the witness attitude and begin to cultivate it.
    * Develop an awareness of the inner and outer space.
    * Develop awareness of the interactions between the different parts of the being.
    * Enhance concentration and focus, and the capacity for being present.
    * Develop listening for meaning.
    * Develop awareness of the physical structure so as to be able to more effectively use ourselves.
    * Refine the senses, internalise them, and develop the kinaesthetic sense.
    * Develop subjective sensory landmarks.
    * Learn how to explore, understand and manage emotions.
    * Become aware of breathing patterns, their effects on the various parts of the being, and how breath can be used to effect changes within the self.
    * Improve the capacity to adapt and be flexible.


 ATB is a way to enhance concentration, relaxation and self-knowledge in children and adults.


Contribution Options: 9,000₹ before 5th September & 10,500₹ after that.


Cash or cheque to be sent to the venue in a sealed envelope with name of participant, mobile number and workshop name. Bank transfer facility is also available.

Venue: The Seventh Sense, Chowpatty Terrace  Building, 4th Floor, 17 Morvi Lane,  Next to Cream Centre Restaurant, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007


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