Book Online Tickets for Authoritative Selling Expert event  , delhi.  Authoritative Selling ExpertClose 70% more Sales and Win Sales against cheaper competition using Consultative & Value Selling TechniquesObjectiveBecome exceptional in client\'s requirement gather and highlighting product/service valueto Clo

Authoritative Selling Expert event


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About The Event

 Authoritative Selling Expert

Close 70% more Sales and Win Sales against cheaper competition using Consultative & Value Selling Techniques

Become exceptional in client's requirement gather and highlighting product/service valueto Close 70% more Sales

Additional Information

Training Medium: Live Virtual Trainer - Led using Zoom
Language : English
Training Duration: 6 Days | 1.5 Hrs per day
Training Schedule: Sept 26 - Oct 1 [ Mon - Sat]
Timings : 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Activities, mock sessions & practice sessions included

Challenges Solved

Your Sales Conversion is Low?
Customers like your product/service but do not buy and disappear after first
call or meeting?
Customers attend product demo, presentation and promise to buy but
disappear at the time of buying?
Customers keep changing their requirements?
Customers keep delaying the purchase decision with different excuses?
It takes more visits, calls, email followups to close a sales deal?
Customers do not share key information and do not let you connect with the
key decision makers?
Customers compare your product with cheaper competition?
Customers prefer cheaper competition due to pricing & budget issues?
Customer asks lots of discounts and its take lot of efforts to close the sale.

Topics Covered Consultative Selling

Difference between Transactional & Consultative Selling Approach
Learning to build Trust, Grooming, outlook, confidence for Amazing First
Building Profile for Decision Makers and Influencers.
SPI Consultative Selling Model to uncover Customer Requirements & Buying
Learning role of Open & Close Ended Questions in SPI approach
Good & Bad Questions to Ask
MEDDIC/NEAT/BANT Model based Qualification technique to identify high/ low
potential clients, easy to covert/hard etc..
Learning importance of customer qualification for better & faster selling.
Best Relationship Building Strategies.

Topics Covered : Value Selling
Learning how customers compare two product/services and select one
Creating Product or Service USPs to impress customers
Building individual features related value proposition based on “Cause-Effect”
and WIIFM model.
Learning role of Decision Makers and Influencers and how to appeal to all
How to use Customer Case study and Learning Story-telling for powerful
Learning right communication language for a positive impact
Learning Positive words to use and Negative Words to avoid
Learning Body Language and Tonality Tips for powerful presentation

Topics Covered Objections Handling Negotiation & Closing

Learning Top Sales Objections raised by Customers related to :
Need & Urgency Objections
Budget Related Objections
Product/Service Features & Use related Objections
Competition & Pricing related Objections
Company, Support and Relationship related Objections
Checkbox Strategy to persuade customer to express hidden objections about
needs match, service, price, support
LEAR Framework to turn any Objections into Opportunities and No into Yes.
Introduction to Negotiation and Closing Process
Negotiation Techniques used by Customers for Delaying the Purchase Decision
Showcasing 'No Interest' in purchase
Pressing Sales People for more Discounts
Hard Bargaining
Master Win-Win Negotiations using BATNA Methodology.
Right Persuasive Communication Language, Body Language, Tonality
Top Closing Techniques to close sales and get orders on spot.

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Included with your Purchase

Digital Certificate is provided.
Lunch & Refreshments are Included in the Training Fee
1 Months support will be provided through Phone, Virtual Calls & Email

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