Ashtamangal Residential Meditation Camp (Hindi) - Chennai, Mylapore

Ashtamangal Residential Meditation Camp (Hindi) - Chennai, Mylapore


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About The Event

Dear Chennaiites,

A 72-hour Ashtamangal Meditation camp is being organized for the first time in the city in Mylapore. This camp is meant to transform your life through meditation using colours and sacred symbols called ‘mangals’.

The discourse will be in Hindi and an amount of Rs. 3000 will be collected as a donation towards the institution. Food, accommodation and other basic facilities will be provided to all the participants.

Ashtamangal meditation technique has benefited many, enhancing their inner peace and success. This program is not limited to a particular religion; anyone between the age group of 15-65 can join.

Both men and women can join the program, separate accommodation arrangements will be made. Vegetarian food (vegan, ekashan and Ambil) will be provided. 

The discourse by Gurudev Upadhyaya Praveen Rishiji will be in Hindi.

Why should you attend this camp?

✓ If you are constantly haunted by negative thoughts
✓ You find it difficult to handle stress at work
✓ If your relationship is in a rough patch
✓ If you are facing failure in business
✓ If concentrating on studies is becoming difficult
✓ If you want to recover from an emotional loss
✓ If you are facing financial difficulty

What will happen in the meditation camp?

✓ You will get a chance to unwind and seek answers from within in this three-night residential meditation workshop.
✓ With no mobile phones to distract, you will get to discover yourself in a space where no one will judge you for who you are.
✓ The spiritual journey will begin with the sacred divine forms.
✓ You meditate in a temperature controlled environment, your body and mind relax.
✓ You connect with the divine force and make it part of your conscience.

Not everything is serious; Gurudev uses humour to address your deep and unresolved quests.

Age limit: 15 - 65 Years

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