Professional Selling Skills, Public Speaking and Stress Management Technique

Professional Selling Skills, Public Speaking and Stress Management Technique


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About The Event

Are you committed to achieve your sales target?

SELLING IS THE HIGHEST PAID JOB if you can master the art of Selling, Public Speaking and Stress Management Techniques 

Selling is not only selling goods and service, but selling ideas to self and others. First I must be sold to the idea that the product or service I am promoting to the customer can solve a problem or achieve a goal.

It offers opportunities for the average people that are unimaginable in most professions. Five percent of self-made millionaires in the world are sales-people who did their jobs extremely well. You should get up every morning and give silent prayer of thanks that selling is so difficult. If it was easy, the field would be flooded with people and your income would be greatly reduced. But as it is very tough, by becoming good at it; your income can be unlimited. To build and maintain a quality relationship is very important in selling.

Selling is all about relationship building. Relationship is built through contribution towards others. Contribution can be done in three different ways. They are through physical resource, Intellectual resource and Emotional resource. Emotional resource contribution plays the vital role in our lives but it’s the most neglected area; as we have been emotionally beaten in some course of our life. Therefore Emotional resource contributions with core values play a vital role in long-term relationship.

v People make buying decision emotionally, and justify them rationally.

v People buy from people whom they like. People like people who are like themselves.

v People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care for them

v  People like to buy; they don’t like to be sold

The major obstacles in our sales career are Low self esteem and Fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is the biggest obstacle in the success of our sales career. It holds back us from seeing more and better prospect, and translating those calls into more and better sales. The good thing about fear of rejection is that, it is an acquired fear. No one is born with it. Fear of rejection makes us to live in the past rather than in the present.

As it is an acquired fear, it can be changed. Rejection has nothing to do with you as a person. The prospect does not know you well enough to reject you as an individual. To repeat: rejection is simply not personal. Everyone is bombarded with so much sales proposals in our commercial society that ‘NO’ is a standard response to any sales proposal.

Selling is all about converting big ‘NO’ to ‘YES’. As mentioned above ‘NO’ is the standard response in every proposal as our prospect does not know to what he/she is saying ‘no’. Therefore the first step is to convert our prospect from ‘NO’ to ‘KNOW’.

Positive mental attitude is essential to succeed in sales. A positive mental attitude is best defined as a constructive response to stress. It is a solution-oriented, objective approach to the difficulties and challenges we face each day. The most important aspect in selling is the art of asking questions and listening patiently to understand the client; so that you can provide the right solution to the client. Then ask for business and close the sale.

I guarantee you financial freedom by mastering the art of selling and stress management Technique

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