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Art of Operating from Core to Become Extremely Effective


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About The Event

"Art of Operating from Core to Become Extremely Effective"  - Specially Designed Programme for developement of Middle and Senior Level Executives to Become Extremely effective leaders.


Introduction to the Programme:

In this competitive world , packed with lot of information and speed of change, we find that some people are more successful than others. they have better relationships,greater peace of mind, better health, earn more money, climb the ladder of growth in their professional career, seem to get all the joy and fulfillment out of life.But there are good numbers in the same world who do not enjoy all the aspects of life.Basically, it is the psychological mke-up of the human being that detemines how much success  each one can have and achieve in life. Even if we change everything outside but nothingtangible will happen till we change what is going on in the mind (Inner World). We can have finest education, all the advantages in the world like position and power, but deep inside our mind we may have subconscious fears that can hold us back. If we have fear of failure, fear of rejection, feeling of guilt, resentment, uncontrollable anger and negative emotions, they will hold us back day-by-day because they consume and drain out physical and mental energy.

Most of the people are wary of looking within at themselves i.e. the inner self because the inner world may appear complex and full of things one would rather avoid.But self awareness and inner world is most important for highly effective living or working. A clear understanding of our self nd what makes us tick is the bedrock of all essential skills required for our personal and professional growth. If the inner world is rich and harmonious, focused and clear, the outer world will be prosperous peaceful, happy and stable.

Discovering our inner world opens up fresh competencies in many crucial areas like:

  1. Decision Making                                                   
  2. Time Management                                                
  3. Communication and People Skills                         
  4. Professional and Personal Learning                         
  5. Goal Setting                                                          
  6. Work-life Balance
  7. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  8. Building Relationships
  9. Taking Responsibility
  10. Clear Thinking
  11. Personal Satisfaction and fulfillment
  12. Keeping resolutions and commitments                                                          

These skills underpin our ability to be extremely effective, creative and dependable. the better our engagement with our inner world, there are better chances of achieving our goals in personal and professional life.


Objective of the Programme:

After completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  1. Identify their self acceptance/self confidence levels, and learn to improve their self management to achieve better results.
  2. Think more clearly and compassionately, decide where to direct their time and energy to sustain their enthusiasm and achieve results.
  3. Identify their current style of leadership, and the desired style in a given situation to become extremely effective.
  4. Practice, responding deliberately rather than reacting automatically guided by their values, rather than be derailed by their discomfort.
  5. Explore skills of self awareness and self renewal so that they can sustain the leadership, create superb results and work as a clear catalyst for transformation of an organization from good to great.


This programme will be highly participative and the experience of participants will be utilized to build up the understanding of the core concept. All the participants will be expected to actively participate in the learning process where one is a student as well as a teacher and observer as well as the observed. The whole programme will be administered by a senior faculty based on his several years of his experience and hands on knowledge in the field of human behavior, attitudinal development, team building strategies, team behavior and leadership. The major portion of this programme will be administered with the help of games and exercises that are actually metaphors of life. The examples presented in this programme will be mostly live examples based on the experiences in actual life situation and precisely it will be talk the walk rather than walk the talk.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is meant for all the Middle and Senior Management People, who want to develop themselves personally and professionally.


We have already conducted this programme for the following organizations in the recent past:

  1. VISA Steel Ltd, Kalinga Nagar, Odisha. (29th -30th June 2013)
  2. Central Warehousing Corporation, New Delhi (12th-13th July 2013) (A government of India Undertaking)
  3. Steel Authority of India Ltd-Durgapur Steel Plant (2nd-3rd August 2013) (A government of India Undertaking)
  4. One programme was conducted for composite group of participants from Organizations like : JSW, Midhani, SAIL, NINL, NSPCL and NFL during 25th-26th Sept 2013 at Hotel The Imperial, Janpath ,New Delhi
  5. Vedanta Aluminum Jharsuguda during 25th-26th Oct 2013
  6. Central Coalfields Ltd (CCL) Ranchi during 11th - 12th Dec 2013 (A government of India Undertaking)

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