Algo Trading in Indian Markets using Python

Algo Trading in Indian Markets using Python


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Python for Trading
For traders today, Python is the most preferred programming language for trading, as it provides great flexibility in terms of building and executing strategies.
For Individuals with basic programming knowledge, Python code is easily readable and understandable. This makes it easier to write and evaluates trading strategies on Python because of its functional programming approach.
Nithin Kamath
Founder & CEO, Zerodha 
Nithin had been a stock trader for over a decade before founding Zerodha in 2010 making it India’s first discount brokerage. Today, Zerodha serves over 1 lakh clients who generate trading turnovers of over $1.5 billion daily.
With Zerodha, Nithin has worked relentlessly on solving the woes individual Indian investors face. On top of being extremely low cost, Zerodha is also the first Indian broker to offer investments completely free of charge and to introduce its investing platforms in several regional languages in rural India.
More recently, he launched a “Broking as a service” platform, where an entire brokerage and its technology platforms are available on the cloud for developers and startups to build their own platforms, the first of its kind in the world.
Satyajit Sarangi
Software Developer, Zerodha
Satyajit has been working on different stacks, building the back-office and, recently, has been involved in building the Kite Android application, which uses the Kite Connect APIs.