AISSMS’s Institute Of Information Technology\'s annual intercollegiate national event- Alacrity \'13 from 12th February to 15th February 2013

AISSMS’s Institute Of Information Technology\'s annual intercollegiate national event- Alacrity \'13 from 12th February to 15th February 2013


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ALACRITY is back!! Its bigger, better and even more nerve racking than ever before.The annual national intercollegiate fest of AISSMS’s Institute of Information Technology, oneof the biggest and most anticipated college festivals of the western region of India scheduledto take place between 12th to 15th February.

We’ve got a number of events this year.New and innovative events will get your mind blowing and wanting for more.Over 60 events taking place in the campus and around Pune will get you soaring high.


Technical:These have been going on for the last 10 years even before Alacrity started.Classified into 8 different categories namely Robotics, Innovate, etc.Saraansh our paper presentation event is one the biggest, well known and most reputedevents with 100s of entries coming in every year from all over the nation.

Cultural:Glitterati - Fashion Show where colleges and individuals through grace and elegance tusslefor the crown.Thump - Group Dance where pure choreography dazzles the audience.Gaming - Clans from Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and all over, battle it out in this adrenalinefilled faceoff.

Sports:A national festival going International. Sports like swimming have had winners from Israel.Rifle shooting, Tug of War, Slow biking are our latest attractions.

Pronites:Celebrity bands and DJ artists perform, setting the stage on fire.

Attractions:Participants will take part in a City Wide Treasure Hunt on bikes deciphering codes movingthrough pit stops and performing tasks. The epitome of adventure and thrill.


ï‚· Winners get a chance to win trips to Goa, exclusive gadgets for the tech freaks, andeven better cash prizes. 

ï‚· Unlike other colleges, Alacrity is one of the only fests in town to include all elements in one i.e. Technical, Cultural and Sports.


ï‚· Our demographic target is to cover 80 colleges all over Pune and around 70 othercolleges from all over the nation, where in the past we have observed participationfrom prestigious institutions like IITs, NITs and BITs. 

ï‚· This event being not only for the engineering students, covers colleges right from 11th and 12th grade upto MBA. ï‚· Student enthusiasts from all streams may it be commerce, science or arts all takepart in ALACRITY. 


ï‚· Our target audience is the youth within the age group of 16 to 25 years. 


ï‚· After the splendid response of around 10,000 to 11,000 footfalls last year, we promise to make the event bigger, better and even more nerve racking than everbefore. 


ï‚· Our volunteers as well as those taking part in the City Wide Treasure Hunt will be showing off our T-shirts all over the city. 


ï‚· We have radio partners, net partners, newspaper partners that provide us coveragethroughout the city. 


ï‚· Our sponsors get to display their merchandises in the campus and interact with theaudience. 




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