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The world of business thrives on MS Excel. There are an estimated 750 million users worldwide and Satya Nadella proclaims it as Microsoft\'s most important consumer product. It is being used by businesses across all Industry verti

Advanced MS Excel with Data Analytics Workshop


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About The Event

About the Program:-

The world of business thrives on MS Excel. There are an estimated 750 million users worldwide and Satya Nadella proclaims it as Microsoft's most important consumer product. It is being used by businesses across all Industry verticals. However, despite its popularity, a large percentage of Excel users are unaware of its true potential, often, failing to get the most out of this superbly powerful tool. We are here to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. TAP-DC’s Advanced Excel program is a great way to shorten the learning curve timeline. The program is open to new & seasoned Professionals working in any department.
Key Features:-
Mode of training – Hands-on learning with Challenges/ Projects across all Modules.
Use of MS Office 2016. Previous versions may not have all features available.
Coaching by Industry Leader/ Experienced Corporate Trainer/ Professionals.
Accentuated with Relevant Reference Study Material.
Guidance & hand-holding post-session, on need basis, can be arranged.
Data Management :-
Module 1: Excel Master Functions - Increase productivity with functions from the following categories: Logical, Statistical, Lookup and Reference, Text, Date and Time, Information, Engineering and User Defined. Learn how to combine other functions for more powerful, dynamic functions
  • Understand the concept of Relative/ Absolute/ Mixed References
  • Using Simple IF, Compound IF, Nested If, Ifs function; Using AND/OR Functions
  • Understand why Lookup is preferred over IF
  • Using the LOOKUP/ VLOOKUP/ HLOOKUP Functions
  • Understand why Lookup fails.
  • Using Index & Match
  • Text Functions: Using CONCATENATE, TRANSPOSE, PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER Functions, TRIM, LEFT, RIGHT, MID & LEN Functions.
  • Date Functions – Using DAY, DAYS, NET WORKDAYS, NOW, TODAY, TEXT Functions
  • Nested Formulas & Functions.
  • Trace Errors & Arrows
  • Watch Window & Evaluate Formulas
Data Organization:-
Module 2: Working With Data - This module is all about working with data – and making it easy to work with. Learners will learn how to manage data by:
  • Filtering: AutoFilter, Filter by Colour, Date, Number and Text Filters
  • Criteria – contains, equal to, not equal to
  • Grouping & Subtotals
  • Using Sorting Options – Custom, ascending and descending, A-Z, Z-A
  • Creating Custom Lists

Data Analysis & Business Reporting :-

Module 3: Pivot Tables: After completion of this module, learners will be equipped with managing worksheet data by summarizing and manipulating your data in different ways using Pivot Tables – to answer different questions & even experiment with your data to discover new trends and patterns.

  • Excel - Pivot Tables Recommendations
  • Creating and Formatting Pivot Tables
  • Understanding Pivot fields – Rows/ Columns/ Values/ Filter
  • Use of Slicer & Timeline – When & Why
  • Creating dynamic Pivot Charts
  •  Creating Pivot on multiple Tables – Using SIMPLE Data Model
  • Creating Pivot using Multi Sources

Business Intelligence - Data Visualization :-

Module 4: Data Visualization: Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

  • Understand & Identify the use of various Chart types based on the Data availability
  • Switching Data/ Switching Chart Location
  • Customizing Charts - Handling and Controlling of Data
  • Manipulating Chart titles, Chart Legend, Chart Data, and Chart labels
  • How to create a Combination Chart

Dynamic Dashboard - Use of MATCH, INDEX, OFFSET & other functions, together to retrieve data dynamically.

Hands on exercise on dynamic dashboards - Animating Changes over time; Automatic Chart Updates; Image Overlay Charts; Gauge Charts

About Tap-DC:-
A state-of-the-art Training & Development facility, TAP-DC is an IT consultancy, Skill Development & Corporate Training Solutions firm.
TAP-DC addresses the growing Skill Enhancement/ Skill Development needs of the Corporate/ Industries & Institutions, by introducing & delivering Corporate Learning & Development programs through short & long-term courses. These training programs are curated & customized for specific audience profile – Be it Executives, Managers, Staff Personnel or Professionals from any department/ industry vertical & are delivered by the globally renowned Subject Matter Experts (Faculty Members) on our panel.

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