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About The Event

Here's introducing the theme for Abstract 2016 ... "Mumbai- fueling your dreams". As the tagline suggests, the city of dreams fuels you up with enormous energy and paves way for your prosperity. Once you live in this city, you learn the art of management. Managing your time, day to day schedule, passion, your hobbies etc is an art in itself. 

Life is all about assimilating tasks, performing your best and achieving your goals. A city like Mumbai teaches you all these in the best possible way. A place where time is more valuable than money, you cannot afford to waste any opportunity.

We at abstract give you the platform to showcase your management skills and achieve your dream.

With various events clubbed together, you get immense opportunities to display your talent. Exciting prices are the icing on the cake! 

Live, learn, grow and the victory is sure to follow!

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