World Dance Day 2016 - Shambhavi School of Dance

World Dance Day 2016 - Shambhavi School of Dance


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About The Event

Shambhavi School of Dance brings to the audience of Bengaluru a historic event on the occasion of World Dance Day on 29th April. For the first time in Bengaluru, renowned Gurus, 60 years and above, will be seen performing on the same stage.

Please find attached the invite along with pictures of our performers and find below the concept note to the event.


With an array of diverse events taking shape almost everyday, there is never a dull moment in today's dance arena. However, amidst the ongoing flurry of activity, there is one particular day when dance lovers from across the globe, irrespective of the genre, come together to celebrate the spirit of dance. Indeed isn't this the beauty of International World Dance Day?

We at Shambhavi School of Dance, headed by Guru Vyjayanthi Kashi, have been committed to organising festivals and events that make a difference for over two decades. We believe that World Dance Day is about creating a cherish able experience and a memory to take home. On the occasion of World Dance Day we wish to gift the rasikas of Bengaluru a unique opportunity to witness performances of eight star Gurus. We wish to create a treasurable experience for the audience who get to see the magic that age and experience can add to a performance and more than all bring back memories of youthful dancing days to these gurus who have been part of the Bengaluru dance history since the 19th century.

The turn of events in today's dance scene has been positive with numerous platforms to showcase the talent of young dancers. But how about the Gurus who chisel these talents to become noted performers? It takes years of passion, dedication and hard work to become a dancer and all the more to sustain as one. However, after the so called 'shelf life' of a performer is done, one is hardly invited to perform.

The Shambhavi team is thoroughly excited to dedicate this year's World Dance Day to bring back the renowned Gurus of Bengaluru to the stage. We wish to celebrate the spirit of these Gurus, who though are in their 60s, have gone on to prove that age is no barrier to achieve and to contribute. Their service to the field of dance is unmatched and the experience that they encompass is something that the audience of Bengaluru, should witness and learn from.

We are happy to begin the series with an extraordinary line up of Gurus.

Smt Radha Sridhar, Bharatanatyam
Dr Choodamani Nandagopal, Bharatanatyam
Smt Sreedevi Unni, Mohiniattam
Smt Sunanda Devi, Kuchipudi
Smt Padma Murali, Bharatanatyam
Smt Gayathri Keshavan, Bharatanatyam
Smt Nayana Moray, Kathak
Smt Kshama Rau, Odissi

The 2016 World Dance Day celebrations by Shambhavi School of Dance is being organized on 29th April at Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru starting at 6:30 pm. We invite you to join hands with us in this historic event aimed at creating a unique experience for all Bangaloreans and to celebrate a day which shall forever be cherished by every performer and audience!


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