The Black Card- Exclusive Alcohol Edition

The Black Card- Exclusive Alcohol Edition


About The Event

The Black Card's Exclusive Alcohol Edition gives you access to unlimited Happy Hours at some of the most sought after bars in Mumbai from 15th February 2016 to 15th June 2016 .

Yes, you heard it right!


Sounds too good to be true?

Enjoy the privilege of being the proud owner of The Black Card as you get drunk in our Exclusive Alcohol Edition.

Pay Rs. 750 and get yourselves the Premium Black Card. This edition we bring to you a drunken party. This exclusive Black Card is your license to get high and have the time of your lives while on a budget. Get ready to be a part of the elite few.

All you need to do is apply on our website, 

Our team will screen your profile and the selected entries will be sent a confirmation email. Once you get the email, you can login with the password and purchase the card.

You can share the given referral code with your friends and make them get their own Black Card without any profile screening!

Easy peasy.

Register as soon as you can on our website and get ready for multiple drunken stupors. 

Venue Partners: Blue Frog, Bungalow 9, O:h cha, Old Wild West, Tilt All Day, Tonic, The White Owl and The Big Kahuna.

Limited cards only.


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