Stock Markets Or Rigged Casinos?

Stock Markets Or Rigged Casinos?


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Everyone of us has Dreams. Of those, most are dreams related to Money. Each one of us do different things to achieve our financial dreams.

As India is still called a "developing economy", our policy makers are trying their best to attract all sections of society to take part in India's development. As a result, most of us have in some way contributed with our money to build the India of the future.

Our money goes into Nation Building in various forms right from a simple Fixed Deposit to the trade we made on the stock market just a second ago. At the end of the day, we all access these "Markets" for Capital so that our money works for us and gives us the financial freedom we all yearn for.

However, after we have given the money, we never get to know where did it go. What are the dynamics of these so-called Capital Markets which are using our money. Are they really working for us?

To answer such sensitive and important questions, Profound presents National Economic Debate, where the Question of the day is :-

Stock Markets or Rigged Casinos?
Shri. G. Anantharaman
Former Whole-Time Member, Securities Exchange Board Of India

Dr. R. Vaidyanathan
Professor, Finance & Control – IIM, Bangalore

Dr. Ajit Ranade
Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group

The seminar will be having a panel discussion by the distinguished speakers followed by release of the book:-

Sense, Sensex and Sentiments - The Failure of India's Financial Sentinels by Mr. M. R. Venkatesh, Chartered Accountant

to know more about the book, please visit

So if you are interested in knowing what is happening to your money after it has left your purse or your bank account, please be there at Y.B. Chavan Centre, Opp. Mantralya, Mumbai on 21st January 2011.

- The National Economic Debate Team

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