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Hey folks,
This month, the Sinhagad Bike and Hike (BnH) activity will complete 4 years! 
To celebrate the 4th anniversary of this activity and to spread awareness to folks regarding its benefits, we have planned a special \'Sinhagad

Sinhagad Bike and Hike - 4th Anniversary Special Event


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About The Event


Hey folks,

This month, the Sinhagad Bike and Hike (BnH) activity will complete 4 years! 

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of this activity and to spread awareness to folks regarding its benefits, we have planned a special 'Sinhagad Bike and Hike' a time bound event (NOT a race and not for beginners) on the last Saturday of April i.e. the 30th April 2016!

Definition: 'Sinhagad bike and hike' basically means cycling ~18km from RajaRam Bridge (RRB) to Sinhagad base (Aatkarwadi), parking and locking the cycle at the base, hiking (by the trekking route) up, limbusarabat break, hiking down, tea break and finally cycling back home. The hike up is ~2.3km with ~515m of elevation gain. A regular BnH person will do this in 3h 40m (RRB to RRB) including all the breaks.

Background: Sinhagad BnH was started in 2012 by Dr. Sandesh Doshi, Nikhil Shan and CA Prashant Tidke on every Thursday assembling at 4.25am and starting at 4.30am from Rajaram Bridge. Over the years many more folks joined and became regular Bike N Hikers and all have reaped the benefits of it. Those who know about BnH will agree that it is a challenging event, which tests your physical as well as mental toughness. However, all the efforts invested in it, provide profitable returns, guaranteed! As Doc Sandesh Doshi says, it is a totally paisa vasool workout.:)

Why people can’t join on Thursdays: We have over the years realized that there are many folks who want to do join us on Thursdays but shy away from joining us possibly for the following reasons. 
1) 4.30am is too early for them and they do not want to get up at 3.30am; 
2) we are very punctual. We report at Rajaram bridge at 4.25am and after a selfie depart sharp at 4.30am so if anyone is late even by a couple of minutes has to virtually do the entire workout solo as within minutes we are out of sight. 
3) we are pretty fast. We generally cover 18km in 53-55mins. After all we do not wake up at 3.30am to do a leisurely ride. So people who are not as fast, lag behind which demoralizes them to come again.
Group activity: Therefore on this special event, we want participation of everyone; those who have joined us at different times as well as those who wanted to join us all these years but could not do for the above reasons. This will be a group activity unlike the regular workout when nobody waits for no one and does his/her workout at his/her desired pace.

This event is not easy: Let us clarify one thing at the outset. This event is not for the newbie who have just started cycling or hiking. However anyone who is in regular touch with any fitness activity such as cycling, running, trekking, swimming, badminton, tennis or any form of athletics, should not find it difficult to successfully complete this routine within the stipulated time period. This will not be a leisurely activity though. We will however help you push hard to complete the entire routine in a time that you would eventually be proud of. 

Sponsors: Although the Bike and Hike event primarily is a self supporting one, we are overwhelmed by the response of our sponsors which to this one of its kind activity.

•    Refreshments sponsored by Lifecycle, Pune. 

•    Participation medals sponsored by Prosports and Bikes, Pune.

• Support Backup Vehicle (for cycle breakdown) and parking arrangements sponsored by Giant Starkennbikes, Pune.

•  Sipper bottles sponsored by Faire du Velo, Pune.

•  Reflective arm bands sponsored by Explore Adventures, Pune.

• Ambulance back up sponsored by Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune.

• Sports drink by Enerzal.

• Energy bar by Ritebite.

• Goodies bags by

• Fast and Up nutrition.

Benefits of BnH activity: So what are these benefits that we keep talking about?
-- Huge improvement in stamina and lung capacity.
-- All body workout (core, legs and cardio).
-- Perfect example of cross training for regular runners.
-- Chance to witness beautiful views of sunrise from one of Pune's most loved forts :)
-- Feel a sense of achievement you've never had before!

How do I get all of this? Simply follow these steps :) Remember this is a time bound event.

Itinerary as under.

4.40am - Report at Rajaram Bridge (RRB) with your cycle, helmet, water bottle with Enerzal (or similar), backpack, cycle lock, front and rear lights, nutrition energy bar and some cash etc. Remember to eat something before you start. Not advisable to come on an empty stomach.

5.00am sharp - Flag off. Flag off will be a mass flag off and it will be jointly done by 3 of our own Sinhagad Bike and Hike members and star achievers namely, Sanjay Karandikar, Kishor Dhankude and Hiren Patel. Depart on your cycles to Sinhagad. Road is good for roadbike except for a km area after Donje phata. 

 6.10am - Arrive at Gurudatta hotel, Sinhagad base, Aatkarwadi. We are keeping 1h 10m for 18k distance against normal time of 55mins.

 10 mins to refill water bottle, park & lock cycle at the back yard of Gurudatta hotel, put all the valuables on cycles in your backpack. For each cycle, a token will be issued (much in the same fashion as in the malls) and cycle will not be released without that token. Do not lose your lock key and do not un-necessarily lock someone else’s cycle with yours without his permission.

 5mins to walk up 400m distance to the start point of hike up (which is the end of the cement road). Start you stopwatch here if you want to check your hike up time.

 6.25am - Hike up start. Use Enerzal tetra pack in case of an emergency that we will give in the goodies bag. No water station en-route hiking section. Do not waste time in photos. Time will fly before you know.

 7.20am - Arrive at top (We are keeping 55mins for hike up against normal 40mins) where we enter on the steps. As soon as you step on the steps you stop the stopwatch to know the time required for hike up. Do not go to car parking area. Limbusarabat fellow is on your right as you step on the steps.

 5 mins Limbusarabat break. Give your coupon to Limbusarbatwala who will give you a glass of the same. (Additional glass at your own expenses). Quickly take photos time permitting.

 7.25am - Hike down starts. 45mins for hike down. Those who opted for optional Jeep transport should go to the car parking area and use the coupon. Rahul (+91-97637 05026) will be our jeep contract person. His jeep number is MH12 BA 4791 with signboard on the rooftop “Sinhagadaache Raaje”.

 8.10am - Arrive at Gurudatta hotel at the base of Sinhagad where we have parked our cycles.
20mins for tea and breakfast. Tea + Breakfast (Pohe or sabudana khichadi or whatever the vendor decides) will be issued against the coupons. If you reach in time, you get a chance to be in a group photo. The participation medals will be distributed at the time of breakfast. Those who successfully complete hike up and down in the stipulated time can call themselves as FINISHERS. There are no prizes for anyone since it is NOT a race but a time bound event to be done in a reasonable period of time.

 8.30am - Return cycling starts. Remember, we can not delay return cycling start later than 8.30am because of the time constraints of back up vehicle & ambulance, traffic and hot season. So guys please adhere to the above mentioned schedule.
Those who are slower to meet this deadline, will have to cut short their hike and return from wherever they are. If you have already reached the top and have less time to hike down, you may have to come down by jeep (of course at an additional cost if you have not pre-booked the jeep transport) but be back at Gurudatta hotel by 8.10am, unless you do not mind doing the rest of the activity on your own without our support. The back up vehicle as well the ambulance will start back with us at 8.30am. Please ensure that you collect your cycle well in time from the parking area.
For all practical purposes the event ends after the breakfast.

 9.30am - Arrive at RRB. The event officially concludes here though participants are not expected to wait here. They may proceed to their home as and when they reach RRB. Those participants who do not find it convenient to come back to RRB need not come to RRB and proceed wherever they want to go after the breakfast.


1. I'm not confident about doing BOTH, bike as well as hike together, but I'm still interested in the event, can I attend?
- Sure! In this edition, as long as you stick to the time schedule given above, you can choose to do the bike routine and whatever you can manage of the hike section, depending upon your fitness and endurance. We strongly recommend doing both however.

 2. What time should I arrive and where?
- Report at RRB sharp at 4.40am (or earlier if you are coming in a car since you will need time to to park your car safely either on Sinhagad road or best parked on the DP road near Vitthal mandir on the other side of RRB) since the flag off is at 5am sharp. In case you get late, please carry on and try to catch up with rest of the gang en-route. Remember in morning time flies fast and before you know you are 20mins late. While reaching RRB, dogs can trouble you. Best way is to travel in-group, speed up if necessary, and shout loudly at them and in worst-case stop dead if dogs do not give up chasing. In our last 4 years of BnH not a single time dog has bitten anyone.

 3. What should I carry with me?
- Helmet is mandatory. No participant will be allowed to participate without the helmet. Other items front and rear lights, water bottle with Enerzal (or similar), small backpack, cycle lock, nutrition energy chocolate and some cash etc. It is desirable to also carry cycle puncture repair kit, spare tube, air pump and tool kit since this is basically a self supported event although this time luckily we have a complimentary support back up vehicle from Giants which will help you should you land up in any cycle malfunction. Moreover with a crowd of 200 cyclists and just 1 back up vehicle, things may not work out properly if too many cycles develop malfunction. In worst case you should be prepared to put your cycle in a tempo and go home. Contact details of the driver will be given later. 

5. What are the charges for the event?
- Rs. 100. However you have to put in your full efforts and have fun doing BnH!

 6. How much water should I carry?
- Usually 700cc water is sufficient for 18k cycling. There is no en-route water station provided and should you require water/food en-route, you will have to buy on your own. Gurudatta hotel will be keeping drinking water (bore well which we have been drinking all these years) complimentary, for you to top up your water bottles. If you want packaged drinking water, you will have to buy at your cost. We may consider keeping a back up water supply ready.

7. Great! Now, how do I register?
- Simply, click on the tickets link of this event and arrive with your bike at RRB at 4:40am or before, on the 30th April!

 8. I grossly over-estimated myself. I am reaching late everywhere. Will I miss limbusarabat and tea + breakfast, if I miss the time deadlines mentioned in the itinerary? - No. Those who get late everywhere, will still get limbusarabat at the top and tea + breakfast etc. at the base (subject to the vendor's working hours), but they will be on their own for the rest of the workout unless they cut short their hike and join us for return leg of cycling with us at 8.30am. 

 9. What are the timings of back up vehicle and ambulance?
- Both will be available from 5am to 9.30am.

 10. What is included in refreshments?
- One glass of Limbusarabat at the top; one cup of tea and heavy yet limited breakfast at the base. Remember breakfast is at Gurudatta hotel at the base and not at the Sinhagad top. The coupons are valid only on that day up to 11am. Unused coupons can not realized later nor the amount refunded.

 11. What is the age limit to participate?
- Minimum age for participation is 18 years unless they are accompanied by a guardian. 

 So, tie those shoelaces tight, prepare those cycles right, and join us in this one of a kind paisa vasool workouts!


1. Participants will be participating in this event at their own responsibility. Organizers will not be held responsible for any mishap, or damage, injury to them or the cycles. Before you join the event you will have to sign up an indemnity form the details of which will be given later.

2. This event is not a race. So ride safely and look after your fellow participants. 

3. There are no prizes for those who finish first. However if you complete the routine in a very good time, we will be pleased to post your timings provided it is supported by a competent app like Strava, Mapmyride, endomondo, runstastic or similar.

4. There will be no finisher medal issued. The medal will be a participation medal.

5. Backup vehicle is primarily for the cycle breakdowns and not meant to ferry a tired participant and his cycle back home. The support vehicle will have a technician with some commonly required spare parts (on saleable basis). He will do minor repairs such as chain malfunction or puncture and get the cycle going. If things cannot be managed, then the cycle will have to be kept in the back up vehicle. The vehicle can house up to 5 cycles with their riders. In case anyone wants to use the back up vehicle facility simply because he is tired to ride back, may do so subject to room available and in the event a genuine guy requires to use the vehicle then the tired guy with good cycle has to get down and ride back home.

6. Ambulance backup is to take care of any health issue during the event such as fall or injury or any cardiac issue. The injured person will be taken to Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital. Please do not participate in this event if you are not used to long duration endurance rides. Do not use this event to do your stress test. There are lots of cyclists in this event so make sure that you do not entangle with other cyclists.

7. Remember this event is basically a self-supported event. Fortunately we have luxury of both Ambulance and vehicle backup services. These are being provided complimentary from the sponsors on "best efforts basis". Although organizers will make every effort to help you in case of an emergency, organizers cannot be held responsible for any lacunae in services. Do not fight or argue with the sponsors or the organizers on trivial issues. We want to do this event in a positive manner and in good spirits. Let us not spoil it on small issues. Should there be any dispute, the decision of the sponsors will be final and binding on the participant.

8. It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they are reasonably fit to undertake such a hardcore event. 

9. This event is done to promote awareness of fitness by means of this combined Sinhagad Bike and Hike routine. Organizers will not be held responsible for any health issues (including loss of life, partial or full disability) arising out of their participation.

10. Parking of the cycles is on "park at your own risk" basis. Every effort will be made to safeguard the cycles. However should there be any theft or damage to cycles whatsoever, the organizers will not be held responsible. Any person who does not agree on this should not participate in this event.

11. This is first of its kind event. We do not know how difficult it is to manage such a big crowd. We are taking every precaution and effort to ensure that this event goes smoothly and becomes a huge success. However if they’re any mistakes, goof ups or lack of services, simply out of no experience we request you to kindly and graciously forgive us. After all no one gets it perfect at the first go. Moreover with tiny fee of Rs. 100, we request participants not to have undue expectations. If one has realistic expectations, we are sure this event becomes a mega hit.

12. Goodies bag collection will be at Yash eye clinic and laser centre, Kothrud, Pune – 411038 on 29th April 2016, Friday between 11am and 8pm. +912025384958

Google map link of clinic.,73.8100289,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bc2bfc6ac6b1b43:0xb0ff2311ba21bb12


Wish you good luck.

Looking forwards to seeing you on 30th April at Rajaram bridge.

With regards,


For Sinhagad Bike and Hike 

Dr. Sandesh Doshi : 9822031839;

Nikhil Shah: 8275203700,

CA Prashant Tidke : 9890634915,

Tejas Nair : 8149001275,

Kushal Kshirsagar : 8007620510

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