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About The Event

Korean Cultural Centre India organized ‘Silent Voice’, a contemporary Art Exhibition bybilateral sensor neural loss’ or hearing loss Artist, curated by Dhaneshwar Shah. The exhibition aimed at giving importance to those who are suffering with bilateral sensor neural loss as well as giving respect for their creativity and tried to use their silent voice for development of our society. The show will continue to spread its spark till 22nd April, 2016.


Director Kim Kum Pyoung Korean Cultural Centre said that the exhibition aimsin identifying Artists’ identity in society and give importance for them and their ideas.He also added that we should give respect for their creativity and use their silent voice for development of our society.Some people deal with physical problem in their everyday lives that the rest of us can’t even imagine living with, and use art to communicate with the world. Art can play an important role in the progression of artist’s identity over time, or the identity "career".

Dhaneshwar Shah said, “In society, the art exist as a universal language and function not only for entertainment and appreciation, but also for increasing our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The art fulfills the basic human need for creative self-expression. The process of creating allows the artists to explore their questions of identity and understanding”.



Ankur’s works contain a lot of surreal elements as well as elements from his dreams and fantasy. He gets influenced by daily activities around him, such as interactions and conversations with new people and friends as well.


According to Vipul Mittal art is a source to communicate to the World. It is my best friend when I feel alone. I enjoyed my work and I think disliking will be the invitation of negativity for my work and negativity make a person hopeless. For me, art is my worship so there is no question of any disliking.


Divanshu Gupta His subject matter is about people’s daily life and comment on human nature. His work tends to focus on the environment and his experience from surroundings.


Ram Raghubir Mishra : He creates what his eyes perceive and his heart approve. He communicates through his art and the colorful strokes on the canvas speak volumes for him. He wants people to see what he sees every day,


Sonal is a very enthusiastic artist. For her art is a flight of fantasy and imagination, which I got from my day by day experiences. She has her own world, where words cannot enter. She believes in only visuals.

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