Selenium WebDriver Basic Workshop Pune

Selenium WebDriver Basic Workshop Pune


  • Selenium WebDriver

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About The Event


The workshop will cover basics of Java and basics of Selenium WebDriver. This workshop is intended for manual testers those who don’t have exposure to ing in Java and writing Automation tests. The workshop is completely hands-on and you will be guided to create your own s throughout the workshop. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to create selenium s independently.

Day 1

Day 2

  • Java Basics

ü  Classes, Objects, Interfaces and Packages

ü  Variables, Methods and Constructors

ü  Conditions and Loops

ü  String Manipulations

ü  Collections

ü  Hands-on Exercises


  • Starting with Selenium

ü  What is Selenium?

ü  Selenium’s Tool Suite


  • WebDriver Basics

ü  Driver for Firefox and IE

ü  Working with objects using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagname, CSS

ü  Handling Input Box/Buttons, links

ü  Handling Radio Buttons, CheckBoxes, Combobox

ü  Finding and working with multiple elements

ü  Hands-on Exercises

  • More on locators

ü  Choosing right locator

ü  Building your own CSS and Xpath

ü  Hands-on Exercise


  • Handling Pop up Windows

ü  Handling Java s

ü  Hands-on Exercises


  • Synchronization

ü  Implicit Wait

ü  Explicit Wait

ü  Handling Ajax Autosuggests

ü  Hands-on Exercises


  • Creating working Tests in Selenium

ü  Examples

ü  Hands-on Exercises



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