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Schoobotix is a Certified Robotics Annual program conceptualized by M K TECHNOLOGIES to promote robotics amongst the youth right from grass roots.
This workshop aims to provide a technical platform for the School and Jr.




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About The Event

What is Schoobotix?

Schoobotix is a Certified Robotics Annual program conceptualized by M K TECHNOLOGIES to promote robotics amongst the youth right from grass roots.


This workshop aims to provide a technical platform for the School and Jr.

College  students from grade 7 to 12. This workshop is introduced to

smoothen their journey in the field of robotics and to promote robotics right

from the grass roots. It consists of fundamentals and practical concepts of

basic electronics, basic mechanics, robotics and its various applications.


Who should attend?


School and Jr. College students from grade 6th to 12th from

State/ICSE/CBSE/IB and other international boards


Q: What are the charges of School Camp?


Charges are Rs.1500 The kit includes every indispensable material which a

School going Student should be aware of.


What would you learn?


Please See FAQ’s and course content

Apart from this students will also learn the following skill sets:

 The students will learn basics concepts and will gain the practical

experience while working on a robotics kit.

 What we promise the students is not just building robots, but

something greater - a passion for robotics coupled with the knowledge

and confidence to take on the world with their self-made machines.






Robotics is a field where you can apply your knowledge of physics,

chemistry, mathematics, electronics, mechanics etc. This field is the one

where your knowledge is put to test.

Course Content

The course will be a broad based seminar approach.

Contents include



Introduction to Robotics

 Identify the major components of a robot and learn the many ways robots are

being used in industry.


 Follow safety rules and learn how to use and store tools correctly.


 Learn how to work in a team to use teamwork to solve problems, and will serve

as a team leader and a team member.


 Learn the core concepts of physics, robotics, and automation, to include motors,

gears and gear trains, rotational dynamics, friction and traction factors, torque

and power factors, open-loop and closed-loop control systems, and the use of

touch, light, sound, and temperature sensors in an automated systems.


Use of Electricity and Electronics in Robotics:

 DPDT Switches

 LED’s

 Relays

 Power Supply (AC & DC Supply)

 Resistor, Capacitor & much more.

 Electromagnetic Induction

 Different Motors (DC, Servo, Stepper etc.)


Different Types of Sensors:

 Introduction to Various Sensor and application

 Various IR (Infrared) Sensor

 Mechanical Sensor

 Robots sensing sound

 Hands on session on installing & interfacing sensors


Robotics in Digital World:

 Introduction to Various Gates


 Solving them wth truth tables and their symbols

 Binary function in Robotics

 Use of Flow chart for decision


Using this kit, students will make different types of robotic vehicles

Which can perform various tasks like


Line follower robot.


Obstacle avoider robot.


Fire fighter robot.


Object  following robot


Mobile Controlled robot



Line Follower Robot: - As the name suggests our robot in this mode will follow a line.

Our robot will follow white line on black surface or vice versa.


Obstacle Avoider Robot: - In obstacle avoider robot our robot will sense the obstacle

and will change the path accordingly so it wont be colliding with any obstacle.


Fire Fighter Robot: - : Our fire fighting robot will buzz when it will detect fire and also

extinguish it.


Object following Robot: - It will sense the direction of the object and it will move in the direction of the object moving.


Mobile Controlled Robot: - You can control your robot using your mobile phone from any where in the world.











Q: Why is robotics important for my child?

A: Robotics is a truly multi-disciplinary field which combines mechanical, electrical,

electronics and programming domains of science. It is ideal for young students

because it exposes them to hands-on applications of math, science, and engineering

concepts. In addition, robotics motivates children understand how things work and

encourages them to use their creativity and imagination skills during designing robots.

India is still to go a long way as far as introduction of practical element in the

education system is concerned, which robotics does the fun way.


Q: What will my child gain from your camp?

A: Schoobotix aims at “experiencing science and technology through fun way of Robotics”. Working towards this aim, the participants will be taught to design, build

and autonomous robots. In the process of learning about robotics, a student will experience the practical aspects of science and technology and develop numerous

skills including problem solving, logical reasoning, creativity, communication and self confidence


Q: Can my child build and program robots?

A: Offcourse. Use of robotics in education i.e. educational robotics is quite a common

concept in US, UK and Japan. In these countries young students (11-17 yrs.) have

taken to robotics at a very nascent stage of the education. This can be done only

through good training and awareness. We will graduate a student from scratch to a

complete knowledge of autonomous robotics. After this program each child will be in

a position to build and program a robot.


Q: Do we have to pay for registering?

A: The camp is a 15 hour long paid activity. However, no payment is required for

sending in a registration request. Payment is required to be done to confirm the


Q: Why should we pay such an amount for this camp?

A: Some highlights of the RoboJunior which would give you an insight into the unique

Advantages of the camp are:

 15hour long program designed by professionals.

 Building a robot

 Starter guide with Activity cook book cum CD

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