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Sandhya Chhaya a realistic play written by Marathi Playwright Jaywant Dalvi . The play unfolds the story of lonliness of aged couple living alone inspite of the fact that they have two sons whome they raised from childhood. Nana retired first class auditor in railway and his wife Nani with two sons deenu and nandu. Deeenu is engineer and settled in america he rarely visits his parents and also gets married without letting them know ..Nana himself send deenu to america for the betterment of the future so that after spending few years over there he come back and stay with them.


On the other hand Nandu by his own will decides to join navy . Years go by the couple is leading their life completely alone..........., no one to talk except each other....... finding happiness in doing small-small things.......always looking for someone to talk , dialling wrong number to pass the time …...


8 years have passed......Deenu gets married without letting them know and insists to stay there but sends money at regular interval. . All of sudden war broke out with pakistan and the couple come to know about the death of Nandu This incident has broken the couple from inside now their only hope to live is deenu but when they come to know of him going back to america the couple looses hope to live and decides to Suicide.......


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