Reiki Level - 1

Reiki Level - 1


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About The Event

If you feel drained around people, in certain situations and don't know how to deal with it. Reiki could be the answer to your issue.

Reiki is a wonderful energy which helps you deal with your issues in an absolute gentle manner. All you have to do is keep your intention clear, as Intention is the most important aspect of Reiki.

In Reiki Level - 1 you'll get to know yourself in a better manner as well you will be able to deal with your issues in a more constructive way.

Reiki Level – 1 Workshop includes:

  1. The history of Reiki
  2. The Reiki Principles. 
  3. Overview of chakras and aura.
  4. Clair senses.
  5. Guided meditations and energy exercises.
  6. Techniques to cleanse your own energy field. 
  7. Hand positions for giving a hands on treatment for self and others.

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