Realize consciousness, A glimpse of reality can change our lives forever, Getting to know ourselves is not prerogative for few You deserve it for bein

Realize Consciousness Now


  • Realize Consciousness Now

    10-Jun-16 (7.00 AM CST - 8.30 AM CST)

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  • Realize Consciousness Now

    11-Jun-16 (7.00 AM CST - 8.30 AM CST)

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About The Event

Realize Consciousness Now



Have you been longing to know yourself?

Wondering how to get through life effortlessly?

How to be conscious all the times….how to live in present moment

How to be really ourselves…


There was a time when I didn’t know whether I was making a decision; or everything was on autopilot mode. Questions remained – how to be aware all the time, or being in the moment, so that I can live a fulfilling life. Now to know that it is easily available - we can really be guide to self in infinite manner.


What can be the difference between seeing a tree for yourself versus reading/ knowing 1000 attributes of the tree?



A glimpse of reality can change our lives forever.

Discern what’s real and what’s unreal.

Discern your own code.


An easy and unique approach to explore our true self. And to find the code to living effortlessly.



It’s our true identity that we are seeking through various means, at various places, with various people; and it must be a given (truly it is); yet somehow the obvious had not been so obvious.


Now live life with freedom, with spontaneous self-awareness. Making the present moment the reality. Being in the moment – being with life. Because that’s who you really are! getting to know ourselves is not prerogative for few… You deserve it for being.



Get the code to be. And an amazingly simple technique to work on our deep-rooted patterns.


It is highly recommended if you want either one of the following:

  • To work with higher potential
  • To live with greater peace
  • To enhance experience in day-to-day living
  • Better decision making
  • Questions about meaning and relevance of life
  • Deeper realization


About facilitator: 

Mamta Singh has an endearing love for people. She has been researching on the greater good of human being and society since childhood. She has a vision of people achieving their highest potential, by realizing their self powers. Being in IT industry for over 10 years and having a scientific bend of mind, she strives towards motivational and self-awareness programs which are evidence-based, simple, practical to use, meant to bring highest best. Now as Realize Consciousness process has been guided by grace, she is excited to spread it. 




Be the joy you are meant to be ♥



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Schedule 1.5 hrs (7.00 AM-8.30 AM CST    or      7.30 PM-9.00 PM CST). Connect by Skype/ Phone at scheduled time.


Price: USD 97 47



Skype: mamta.hcw


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