One day workshop on Financial WellBeing for Young Adults at Hyderabad

One day workshop on Financial WellBeing for Young Adults at Hyderabad


About The Event

I believe that most professionals working in large Corporate are getting paid well.But they are spending it recklessly and there-by facing a financial crisis most of the time.It is very important for them to understand the benefits of saving their hard earned money and investing it in the most efficient manner.

Till now, I was giving lectures in Large Corporate and time was a severe constraint. I had to go very fast to cover all the topics. All those who have attended my lectures say that though they are very happy with the inputs received, they would be happier if I went a bit slow, explained things more clearly and also took a few questions in between to clear doubts.

While continuing to give free lectures at a fast pace at Large Corporate and Colleges, I am toying with the idea of conducting one day workshops on "Financial Well-Being for Young Adults" all over India. Visit to get the complete picture.

Schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Hyderabad: July 31th 2010 From 10 am to 6 pm (Tentative Course Fee Rs 2500 per head)

Visit to go through recordings of my lectures on:
1. Start Saving (13 minutes duration)
2. Removing the Blocks (10 minutes duration)
3. Charges in Mutual Funds and ULIPs (14 minutes duration)
4. Who earns more commission - the MF Agent of the Insurance agent (15 minutes duration)
5. How to buy your dream house in the most cost efficient manner? (17 minutes)
6. How to select the best product and invest in the most cost efficient manner (23 minutes)

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