One Co.Cafe Launch Party

One Co.Cafe Launch Party


About The Event

Welcome to the Launchpad of OneCo.Cafe

A big shout out to all the start-ups who are craving for an escape from a conventional workplace? Attend this launch pad and swipe your cubicle for a super cool café. Fascinating?

Blending chill, work & play, One Internet is proud to launch OneCo.Cafe at Flyp@MTV. Drop by and say hello to a collaborative community of entrepreneurs that is quietly revolutionizing the way start-ups work, play and chill! Here, we are home to the community of artist, innovators & entrepreneurs who chose the alternative way of working!!

The launch pad will feature:

· An engaging talk by Mr Himanshu Bindal, founder, One Internet on how co-working spaces are re-defining the start-up ecosystem
An informative talk by Mr Neeren Tewari, director, Flyp@MTV, on why start-ups prefer the alternative way of working

· An engaging discussion with prominent start-ups where they share tales from co-working space

· A first-hand account of working from a café by award winning musician Pragnya Wakhlu

The massive, yet intimate launch of OneCo.Cafe will take place at Flyp@MTV on Thursday 19th May between 12:00 noon to 3:00pm.

We suggest you RSVP as soon as possible, as entry is limited.

Be there!

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