Mastering Storytelling for Better Communication

Mastering Storytelling for Better Communication


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About The Event

Storytelling is increasingly emerging as the biggest leadership skill of today. With a mastery of the craft of storytelling, not only can you make your message  influential and persuasive but can also build connection, instant rapport and trust.  With so much focus on Facebook and texting among young people today, they learn to be confident in a virtual world, and yet do not have the social skills needed to communicate face-to-face with others.  It’s only when they have to stand and tell their stories in front of a large group, they learn to use their vocal and facial expression, gestures and eye-contact.

Learning to tell stories also improves several cognitive and social skills among the children. The story mapping helps students to distill a narrative to its most fundamental parts. This is a skill that translates to their reading comprehension and their processing of written materials. Public Speaking, the greatest fear among most adults, is a skill like any other. Exposure at a young age will help to dampen this fear. Storytelling helps to nurture the imagination and build a positive self-esteem and confidence. 



The Zest Lab has been designed and developed by various experts in experiential and outdoor education( including life-skills and the arts) at the Gap Year University. The curriculum follows a unique, innovative and scientific pedagogry  that’s not just effective but also challenging and fun.

 The workshops will be facilitated by a team of expert trainers and facilitators who are passionate about education and arts, and have avid experience in facilitating experiential and art based learning.  

 Each module will be handled by a team of two, a facilitator and a cognitive behavioral psychologist. While the facilitator engages the participants, the psychologist monitors the participation and shares the assessment with the participants. as feedback in the debrief sessions.

 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso.

 Other workshops offered under Zest Summer Art Residency for children 



22nd May – 28th May

 8TH standard – 12th standard

7 days



14th May – 20th May

 8th standard – 12th standard

7 days



10th May – 12th May

 8th standard – 12th standard

3 days



6th May – 8th May

 6th standard – 10th standard

3 days



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