Man Vs Miles : Boot Camp- Survival Test - 48 hrs

Man Vs Miles : Boot Camp- Survival Test - 48 hrs


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About The Event


Boot camp is term used by the ‘’Army’’ where in the new recruits are given training through physical and mental tasks to gauge their capabilities and abilities to take risk along with survival skills.
Man vs Miles-Boot Camp gives a chance to the youth exhibit their strength ( both mental and physical ) by giving them tasks which can be either individual or a team activity based on the event flow.
Boot Camp includes thrilling activities which will empower you physically and mentally. Channelize all your daily stress for 48 hours through Boot Camp . However, the task may be simple or can be tough but it will test your endurance.
Individual Task
Cross Country ( Road) ( Endurance Test )
Cross Country ( Mountain ) ( Ability to Take Risk Test )
King of the Ring ( Strength Test )
Quiz ( Awareness and Current Affairs )
Aiming the bottle ( Concentration Test )
Push-ups ( Strength and Stamina Test )
Pull-ups ( Strength and Stamina Test )
Sack Race ( Strength Test )
Group Task
Egg Catch ( Tactical Skills Test )
Tug of war ( Strength Test )
Fill the Jar with water ( Team building and Communication Test )
Rope Ladder ( Intelligent Test )
River Crossing ( Endurance and Strength Test )
Search for food ( Intelligent Test )
Fire Making ( Patience Test )
Trekking ( Management Test )
Cost : 3000
Accomodation in Tents - Twin sharing
Uncooked Food
First Aid and medical assistance
Torch, Pocket Knife, Whistle, Pair of Clothes, Good Hiking Shoes , Water bottles (3)
Sleeping Bag or blanket /sheets and Night clothes.
If you are suffering from any ailment, request you to bring your own medicines.
Mosquito repellant, Sunglass, Sun cream Lotion ,Tooth Brush and paste
You can bring your music instruments like guitar , etc
You need to care for the natural surroundings of the campsite. so we request you to use dustbins for disbursing any waste.
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88888 55 972

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