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The Essence of Leadership 
Everyone is born as a leader – realization and inner awareness of a higher calling pushes our nascent talent through a deep per

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About The Event

Leadership Program for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, 
Senior Managers & Leaders

The Essence of Leadership

Everyone is born as a leader – realization and inner awareness of a higher calling pushes our nascent talent through a deep personal transformation that unleashes the extra ordinary potential of a leader within us.

Personal Transformation – The “Torch Bearer”

The Leadership Journey – The journey begins with igniting the true core and emergence of a “torch bearer” – essentially Leadership is about channelizing one’s strengths, persona and identity coupled with a deep intent and desire to make a powerful personal change and the ability, courage and wisdom to transform others in a purposeful manner.

What is leadership?
At Tattva-Q, “A Creative, Progressive and Inclusive Social Process that is demonstrated by a person to Inspire & Influence the efforts of Individuals and Groups & Facilitate their Actions to Realize their Potential through Achieving their desired Actions and Goals”.

What is Infinite Leadership?

A leader walks many paths – The opportunities for a leader are infinite – We believe an Infinite Leader has “the ability to powerfully transform self and others through a deeply personal commitment to Act, Accept, Appreciate and Assimilate the uniqueness, diversity and potential of people through a foundation of love and trust.

What is the best learning pathway for a Leadership aspirant?

The challenges for a leadership aspirant we believe are -
- Being inspiring, insightful and impactful
- Transitioning from Manager to Leader
- Developing a personal context for Leadership

Our learning pathway is simple – we like to call it the
Leadership Wheel – the core represents the “Personal transformation journey” and the spokes represents where we choose to apply the learning – our focus is about facilitating the transformation of the individual’s “Core”.

Infinite Leadership Program

We offer 2 sets of modules that are designed as flexible learning modules of 6 days for the core spread over 3 months of 2 days each. Work context modules can be covered in a similar fashion depending on organizational need – 12 standard topics are available and can be replaced with other ones relevant to an organization.

Part A – Core Foundation Modules (6 days)

“Unlearn” and discover new ways of adapting and bringing change within yourself and be a role model to lead with passion and facilitate success.


  • Clarity - What do I want? (Thoughts & Actions)
  • Purpose – Why do I want to do this? (Choices & Results)
  • Inspire – What gives me power? (Influence & Passion)


  • Empathy – What are others’ perspectives? (Inclusion & Emotions)
  • Trust – Am I able to connect with people positively? (Freedom & Sharing)
  • Direction – What is my path? Can I make others follow? (Big picture & Decisions)


  • Visionary – Can I foresee a purposeful future? (Dreams & Futuristic thinking)
  • Service – What value am I adding to my stakeholders? (Impact & Value addition)
  • Empower – How am I enabling others towards growth? (Coaching & Mentoring)


  • Social Impact – Am I building positive culture around me? (Culture & CSR)
  • Nurturing – What Values do I cultivate & exhibit to strengthen the industry & society? (Giving & Uplifting)
  • Legacy – What do I want to leave behind? (Heritage & Happiness)


Part B –  Modules (Leadership @ work conversations – 2 hrs webinar/ module)



– Strategy & Financial Planning


– Sales & Marketing & Operations

Human Capital

– Org structure & Working with Teams

Governance & Internal Controls

– Corporate Governance, Importance of Internal Controls


Program format – The program is highly experiential in nature and is best recommended to be done at an offsite location where the participants have time and space to focus completely on the learning experience and working with their peer group.

Program support – The program can be customized with organizational specific requirements such as prelim assessments, context setting etc. Sponsor involvement and encouragement is very useful during the program. The facilitators provide offline coaching support to the group and / or individuals as part of the process.

Program Facilitators

The programs are co-facilitated by Vidya Yedavalli and Ranga Iyengar, who carry a diverse mix of personal and professional life experiences and have facilitated several such workshops and labs for corporates, groups of individuals and also have a track record of Life Coaching and Counselling.

Both facilitators carry a rich mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and a down to earth appeal to work with leadership audiences in India. More importantly, the programs and sessions have been designed by them over the years with extensive practice and research as well as feedback from various participant groups.

The facilitators are certified and experienced practitioners of disciplines like neurosciences, coaching & mentoring techniques, emotional intelligence, behavioural and organizational psychology, leadership development tools & methods etc.

Course Fee: 75,000/- (All inclusive)
Early Bird Discount: 20% upto 10th May 2016, 10% upto 25th May 2016

Contacts Details:
P: 784 784 8822