Happiitude-The Science Of Happiness.

Happiitude-The Science Of Happiness.


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About The Event

These days, happiness often seems like it’s hard to find. With stresses at work and in our personal lives, we may feel that happiness is impossible in our current circumstances. Is this something you feel is true in your life?

Fortunately, there’s a clear path to happiness, and it has nothing to do with your circumstances. In fact, research shows that our happiness is only 10% dependent on the world around us. The rest comes from within, and you can find it by making a simple choice.

If you make this choice, you can find true happiness for yourself and help others around you to find it as well. You will be able to help your friends, family, and loved ones experience joy on a daily basis.

But it doesn’t have to stop with the people you know. In collaboration with the Happiness Research Team from the University of California, Berkeley, we welcome you to experience a ground-breaking, experiential Happiness Practitioner Program from Happiitude.

With this scientifically-proven program, you can spread happiness in your community and create a revolutionary wave that changes the world. Not only can this dramatically improve the lives of others, but you can actually turn it into your full-time career. With the Happiitude business kit, you can start your own local Happiness Program and earn more than Rs 1 lakh per month.


    Use scientific tools and techniques to make happiness a daily choice
    Certification from the Berkeley Method of Wellbeing, California
    No infrastructure or setup required
    Four streams of income with an earning potential of more than Rs 1 lakh per month
    Workshop available only for selected few participants.

What you can learn?

How to create your own personal happiness plan
How to re-define your beliefs and preconceptions about happiness
Different techniques to unlock the happiness within
How to train your brain to be happier
How to process unhealthy emotions and savor feelings of positivity.

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