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Beginning of the year I HAVE JOINED GYM (Read \

The Secrets of Habits


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    I want to know Secrets of Habits

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About The Event

Beginning of the year I HAVE JOINED GYM (Read "I paid full year membership fees")

End of the year It Doesn't work (Read "I din't even go for 60 days out of 360")

Have you gone through similar experiences?

Know everything about habits!

• Why you do, what you do?
• Why are habits important?
• What are scientific methods to form new habits?
• Bust the 21-day-Habit-formation myth.
• How can you change existing habits?
• what is MAGICAL about number 7?
• Is strong determination enough to form new habit?

Get answers to all of these and many more!!

A fun filled practical workshop which will not only help you know about habits, but also help you form new one with practical experiences.

Trainer : Dr-Tushar C Chothani
Venue :- Koregaon Park, Pune.

Investment - 
Rs. 750/-
Ask for Coupon code to get Rs. 250/- off till 5th Nov 2016

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