Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing Workshop

Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing Workshop


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About The Event

Dye it Yourself ! is a state of the art workshop where you can learn the art of Natural dyeing, block printing & shibori tie dye. 

DiY aims at teaching participants to dye their own clothes with natural colors. The idea for the workshop came from the fact that chemical dyes are one of the major sources of pollutants today. The growing need to be eco friendly and doing things that do not harm the environment is another reason why we are starting the workshop. 

Our aim is to make it a habit rather than just a one time activity for people to make a paradigm shift from ready made chemically dyed garments to natural dyed home made clothes. 

The idea not only helps the environment but also results in increased awareness about natural dyes among people. 

We are using 100% GOTS certified natural dyes for the workshop. 
The garment used at the workshop will be made from 100% organic cotton.

The workshop will include basic presentation on dyeing post which you will get a hands on experience on dyeing your own clothes, block printing and shibori tie dye. 

You take home a pre made dyeing kit and a garment made in organic cotton by an internationally acclaimed designer which you would dye during the workshop. 

The duration of the workshop would be approx 5-6 hours.

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