Careers in Advertising

Careers in Advertising


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Mikhail Pinto will talk about his work life as a Creative Marketer and Advertiser, what inspires him every day, the steps budding Advertisers can take to ensure successful careers and a lot more. Viewers can ask questions too!

Who is Mikhail Pinto?

Mikhail Pinto is a Founding Partner at 8 Bit Media, a budding Marketing and Advertising Consultancy firm. Previously, he held the post of Creative Director at Digit 9.0, a Mumbai based leading Digital Communications and Marketing Agency. Digit 9.0 helps its clients engage with their consumers through integrated communication, marketing, branding and advertising campaigns.

He has also worked at JoshuaG2 in London, where he won the Design and Art Directors Association  award, commonly called the 'Yellow Pencil'.

Who is your host?

Adwait Dandekar is the founder of Cazorb Career Solutions. Prior to Cazorb, he worked in Manufacturing, Management Consulting and Sports Physiology. Having found his passion - entrepreneurship, he is now passionate about helping others in need of career advice.

Duration: 30 - 35 minutes

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