CMR Startup Boot Camp

CMR Startup Boot Camp


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About The Event

CMR Startup Boot Camp is a 3day Boot Camp conducted at CMR group of Institutions on 15th,16 &17th of July 2016.

if you want to create your own Startup,

if you want to create Job Oppurtunities

if you have an Idea?

Lets Join at CMR Startup Boot Camp on CMRGI


What is CMR Startup Boot Camp?

CMR Startup Boot Camp is an excellent opportunity for individuals which helps to share and polish one’s ideas

and can change the lifestyle of the young entrepreneurs. A team of ardent leaders come under one

roof with a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams. E-weekend is a rostrum

for individuals to come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.

It’s a platform where developers, product managers, designers,marketers, and start-up partisans

sign in together to chunk ideas, form strong teams, build products and launch startups in 54 hour

time period. This special opportunity is designed to find out stupendous ideas which are feasible

and applicable.

What do we do?

It’s a known fact that entrepreneurs act as the most charismatic people around who luxuriate in

prosperity and innovation. We strive to support entrepreneurs and the communities that allow them

to thrive in any way we can, in creating and sustaining resources which they need.

How it Works ?

This event follows a basic model in making the individuals come out with their ideas, it begins with

an individuals registration. Once the idea is shared among the peer group , they receive feedback

from the team members. The top idea (as determined by popular vote)builds up into a proper and

convenient model with the support and resources available… The weekends culminate with

presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders waiting for another opportunity for the final

and crucial feedback

What happens during the 18 hours?

Friday: The participants bring forth the ideas and automatically inspires others to join their teams.

The inspired teams will therefore onset to work on the best ideas.

Saturday and Sunday: These are the two crucial days where an individual build, build, build.

This is named as maker edition in which teams will focus on building a prototype of their

idea/product. Simultaneously during this period teams will also focus on customer development,

validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup methodologies and building a minimum viable


Sunday: A day where the teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel

of experts.

Why attend a E-Weekend event?

A weekend event definitely helps a student to learn and attain something incredible through the act

of creating. It helps to give wings to your creative ideas. Attending a E-weekend will also helps to

build long lasting relationships, and creates a stunning opportunity to solve real life problems by

getting into contact with scalable companies. An assurance is sure that a person who logs in either

walks away with a job or an investor., where one can actually launch a start up with.


Learn a new skill:

Utilise the podium of flying colours and dedicate yourself on a perfect E-weekend and let your

ingenious thoughts take up a concrete shape .learn a new program language, or try something



Get face time with thought leaders:

Local tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekends as coaches and judges. Get some

one-on- one time with the movers and shakers in your community.

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