AARZOO - A Desire To Achieve | Final Showcase

AARZOO - A Desire To Achieve | Final Showcase


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About The Event

The heavens above will witness

The angels below for the first time


Children have always represented the purest form of expression! And expression through performing arts transcends all forms of expression. Through Aarzoo, children from 11 communities across Delhi have come together to tell us their stories. Stories of their hardship, of their trails and tribulations, of their hopes and dreams and their joys! Witness them while they show us the picture of our world through their eyes! But, don't be all serious! they are children after all and they will show us the meaning of having fun along the way.


But these children are not alone. Aarzoo presented a platform to their mothers as well. Mothers who have been holding themselves back for long on their dreams and desires! The desire to step out of the house and see the world. A desire to become self confident and capable of making a mark for themselves. Aarzoo brought these mothers close to ensuring that no matter what the problem, they can always find a way to solve them. Become financially independent so that they can pay for their child's education. And speaking of their children, they just could not hold back when they got the opportunity to step on to the stage and dazzle us with their performance!


This final event is a celebration of all the hard work put in by these amazing children and their mothers. Its their chance to shine and show us what a person can do with just their will and desire to achieve!


Welcome to Aarzoo - A desire to achieve


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