Book Online Tickets for 5th Annual International Conference on J, Singapore. Important Dates Conference date:10-11 October 2016Paper submission deadline:30 May 2016Early bird Registration:15 July 2016Late Registration:5 August 2016Final paper camera ready:17 June 2016Keynote Address Prof. Kiranjit Kaur, Universiti T

5th Annual International Conference on Journalism Mass Communications (JMComm 2016)


About The Event

Important Dates 
Conference date:10-11 October 2016
Paper submission deadline:30 May 2016
Early bird Registration:15 July 2016
Late Registration:5 August 2016
Final paper camera ready:17 June 2016

Keynote Address 
Prof. Kiranjit Kaur, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia 

Conference Theme 

Mass media is seen in nearly every facet of our daily lives and technology is constantly altering the way we live. The technology boom that has been felt around the world has forever changed communication as we know it and has greatly impacted our personal and professional lives. Presently, the media as a vehicle of social change influence appearance, language, family, status, politics, and religion. 

Certain differences exist between information, entertainment, and communication in today's society, particularly in relation to mass media. These various media interactions have converged in our current society in a number of ways and have impacted social relations through the way we communicate with one another. Educational implications require an understanding of the complex world through interdisciplinary scholarship, critical viewing, new values, and an examination of the impact of the mass media. 

With all the new technology, digital tools and connectivity, one of the most interesting fallouts has been the intensification of social connections… connecting the world as a single place, and creating a greater awareness of opinion, bias, and raw news. The intersection of globalization, communication, and journalism defines an important and growing field of research, particularly concerning the public sphere and spaces for political discourse.

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