3D Printing Workshop

3D Printing Workshop


About The Event

The Computer Society Chapter of IEEE - VBIT SB has planned to conduct a workshop

on 3D printing. 3D printing is a quickly expanding field, with the popularity and uses for

3D printers growing every day. 3D printing can be used to prototype, create replacement

parts, and is even versatile enough to print prostheses and medical implants. It will have

a growing impact on our world, as more and more people gain access to these amazing

machines. 3D printers would be a part of everyday life in the near future. This workshop

is the first step to the 3D Printing world.

 To introduce a technical platform to the students on 3D printing.

 To create awareness about 3D printing and its benefits.

 To enhance their technical skills in 3D printing.

 To help them gain knowledge in this field and encourage them.

 To identify their career interests and prepare them for the future.


• Introductory Talk

• Exploring the Potential of 3D Printing: Technical & Business

• Process Flow involved in 3D Printing

• 3D Scanning - Demo

• CAD Design - Hands-on

• Slicing - Hands-on

• Technical overview of the Machinery- Insights into each type

• Open Ended discussion


• Experts from the industry

• A 3D Scanner

• FFF 3D Printer(s)

• Various 3D Printed Models

• Various 3D Printing Materials

• Software package including Sketchup, Cura, etc

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