A 3-day Meditation Course with Dr. ALV Kumar, Traditional Yoga, Hyderabad

3 Days Silent Meditation Course with Dr. ALV Kumar


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About The Event

After 2578 years of Buddha's era, once again experience the same technique in the same


Learn Meditation, with a scientific and spiritual approach.


This particular course offers full-time guidance from Dr ALV Kumar who teaches a clear, systematic method to explore the mind, drawing on 40 years of deep practical and theoretical exploration. Bringing together the ancient teachings of Patanjali & Buddha, the technique cultivates tranquility, awareness and discernment.


What's the Course Objective?

At the end of the course one can achieve 1st level of Samadhi (absorbed concentration), a blissful state and total tranquility where the mind will become totally calm and quiet. 


Who can attend ?

This course is open to people of all faiths and religions. Even beginners and first time meditators are also encouraged, the step by step instructions will be given in Telugu and English so that your parents (if they are not comfortable with English) can also easily understand and follow. 


The Backdrop

5000 years ago Saint Yajnavalkya wrote "Yoga Samhita" explaining the technique of Prana samyama. 3500 years agao Saiint Vasishta taught young Rama, the way to mediate and explained him the significance of natural breath in the text called "Yoga Vasista Sara" 3000, years before, Krishna explaining Arjuna to focus on Breath. 2578 years ago Buddha discovered Anapana Sati - the way to realise enlightenment, meditating on natural breath. 2200 years ago Patanjali rediscovered the Pranayama - meditating on the breath as part of developing samyama through the eight steps containing Ashtanga Yoga before an aspirant proceeds to develop 7 levels of insights for Kaivalya


Daily Schedule

All the participants are requested to arrive at the location by 6:00 AM in the morning on all the three days. The day's routine usually ends at 8:00 PM after which the participants will be asked to go back to their residences to take rest and to attend the course on the next day. Breakfast, Lunch and Supper (Fruits) will be served daily.


What to Bring & Dress Code
Yoga Mat,Meditation Cushion, Medicines (if needed), Water Bottle. Comfortable, modest dress for doing yoga and meditation (light colors preferred)


Code of Conduct
For the duration of the course all students resolve to practice Yama, a code of conduct outlined by Patanjali and to maintain noble silence. The aim of this is to make a purposeful choice to close the sense doors, allowing focus and awareness to stay within rather than in the outside world. Yama involves maintaining Ahimsa (non-violence / abstaining from harming), Satya (speaking truth / abstaining from lies), Asteya (abstaining from stealing), Brahmacharya (abstaining from sexual activities), Aparigraaha (abstaining from intoxicants including tobacco and caffeine)


Noble Silence
Noble Silence means silence of body, speech, and mind. Students should avoid any form of communication with fewllow students and staff, whether by gestures, sign language, written notes, eye contact or any physical contact. In addition students are requested to refrain from all phone and email contact even after going back to their residences during the course.



Viswanadha Gardens is set in a beautiful, tranquil place on the outskirts of JP Nagar, Miyapur, yet it is only 5 km from Kukatpally and Madhapur location in Hyderabad. The course is conducted in an airconditioned hall and the temperature is regulated so that you will stay focussed on the job given to you. When you are making a spiritual journey inside, you should be totally focussed and not get distracted with the things around you.



We are seeking voluntary donations from interested & willing donors to help us in organizing the event in a better way. Please Note: There is no differrentiation for the facilities / course content being offered to the donors registering with a Normal / Medium / Large Donation. 

This course is conducted under the aegis of Traditional Yoga, a not-for-profit organization.


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