1 Seasons Greetings - Christmas Edition presented by Ratatouille

1 Seasons Greetings - Christmas Edition presented by Ratatouille


About The Event

1 Seasons Greetings - Christmas Edition presented by Ratatouille, an evening where popular, established comics provide you with a fun and entertaining Christmas evening.

Date: 25th December
Day: Sunday
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: Rs 200 
Venue: Jeff Goldberg Studio (1st floor) 133 Gazebo House, Above mamagoto, Hill Road, Bandra (w)
Host: Jeeya Sethi
Special Acts: 
Mikhail Almeida
Navin Noronha
Agrima Joshua
Artist Details:
Jeeya Sethi: 
Jeeya believes if you are fat once (by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever, mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. An event manager turned stand-up comedian, improviser and actor, she has made entertainment her new life's mission since nothing else is going for her!
Mikhail Almeida:
Mikhail is a writer, stand-up comedian, improviser and a 21 year-old student who has taken four years to get to the third year of his degree. When he's not making bad decisions regarding life he's busy being a mass consumer of Chicken Tikka. He now seeks validation by making strangers laugh.
Navin Noronha:
Navin Norohna is an amply likable guy who tries very hard to be a badass. To live by his motto of 'Live Fast, Die Poor', Navin has taken up writing as a profession. He also does stand-up because it fits so well into the underpaid artist routine. He is pretty good at it though, so if you find yourself cracking up, it may not be entirely incidental. Being a Bombay boy, Navin's material covers wide ground from liberalism and pigeons to evil bosses and Jesus. And did we mention that he is an engineer by qualification? Well, who isn't?
Agrima Joshua:
Agrima Joshua is a stand-up comedian.

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