Startup Saturday: Building A Great Startup Team

Startup Saturday: Building A Great Startup Team


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About The Event

We are happy to announce the October 2016 edition of Startup Saturday Bangalore themed: "Building a Great Startup Team".

Registration steps : 
1) Fill the form in the link if not done already.
2)Purchase and receive your contributory pass from our MeraEvents page.

The ability to put together a great team, starting from your co-founder and the founding team, to scaling it up to 100s or 1000s of employees is not an easy task. Great founders have always been able to inspire, lead, and build the vision along with the team.
It is said that investors value the team above the product at hand, but what does a valuable team look like?
It is better to have a team of B players that work together than a dysfunctional team of A players.How do you hire your initial team for the idea?
What are the different ways you can pay your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd employee of the startup.
How do you allocate stocks to your employees when are forming a startup.
What does a great early stage startup look like.
Should you hire employees fresh out of college or seasoned professionals?
How do you formally structure an agreement with your co-founder?
You have an idea and can't code, but that need not be the end of it. So how do you put together a team to help you build the vision?
Most exceptional people don't work for the money, but for the vision,challenges, and culture. How do you give your early team that experience?

Attend the October edition of #StartupSaturday to know the answers to all these questions.

Agenda will be uploaded soon. 
Generally, the Startup Saturday Agenda includes the following:

1. Some successful entrepreneurs as keynote speakers 
2. Pitches and Demos by early stage start-ups, followed by quick mentoring by successful entrepreneurs 
3. Stalls and product Display for start-ups 
4. Panel Discussion relevant to theme of the day, interactive Q&A with panelists 
5. Networking with peers and speakers and panelists 

If you are looking to pitch, demo or stalls or have any other event related query do connect with initiative leads - OR