Retail CFO Summit

Retail CFO Summit


  • Non - Retailer


    Last Date: 14-10-2016

    INR 25000
  • Retailer


    * Exclusive of Service Tax 15%

    Last Date: 14-10-2016

    INR 5000

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About The Event

  • Over the past few years, the role of the CFO has evolved significantly. The new CFOs of tomorrow need to tackle and master a number of challenging situations. These challenges generally emerge out various key influencing forces like organisation, technology, environment, people and processes.  
  • High Gestation period and squeezing margins along with high real estate and compliance costs provide for a highly challenging environment.
  • The Growth of E-Commerce offers new opportunity and challenge for the industry.
  • While S(c)ales can indicate growth, Profitability is the potion that brings that indicates sustainability and viability.
  • The CFO Summit will Explore and Engage the Retail Industry to demystify the Opportunity with Reforms and share BCP’s of how the industry can move towards fast and yet, sustainable growth


Objective of CFO Summit


  • To share the Best Case Practices in the field of Finance in the Retail Industry
  • To provide a platform to discuss and engage industry experts on how finance can contribute to growth
  • Create opportunities for stakeholders to showcase their products and services to grow the Industry
  • To discuss and evaluate innovation in finance
  • To provide an opportunity for industry to network, interact and learn