Hyderabad Triathlon 2013

  • Hyderabad Triathlon 2013
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GHAC Presents Hyderabad Triathlon on the Sun 20 Oct 2013 at Gachibowli Stadium

Announcing the Hyderabad Triathlon and Duathlon. After successfully completion of the first Hyderabad triathlon in 2013, Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC) is set out to conduct its signature event in Hyderabad city again on 20 Oct 2013

A Triathlon is a multi-sport event involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance events. While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion time, including timed "transitions" between the individual swim, bike, and run components. (Courtesy - Wikipedia)

A Duathlon is a multi-sport event involving the completion of two continuous and sequential endurance events - Cycling and Running. The Hyderabad sprint Duathlon will be done on the Olympic, Sprint and Novice Levels. For all those who cannot swim, this would be the ideal event to participate.
The  Hyderabad Duathlon aims to get members introduced to the Triathlon. Our objective in conducting the Duathlon is not winning, it is completing the event efficiently.

This time the event is at much larger scale - With help from SAAP the Gachibowli stadium is booked for the event on 20/10/2013.

The Hyderabad Triathlon and Duathlon will be conducted on Sunday, 20th October 2013.

The following are the offerings:

Traithlon - Half Iron / Olympic / Sprint / Novice / Team Relay Levels

Duathlon - Olympic / Sprint / Novice  Levels

Half – Iron Triathlon


Swimming: (1.9 )km / Cycling: ( 90 ) km / Running: ( 21.1 ) km.  (In the same sequence)

Registration Charges: Rs 2500 for Half Iron Triathlon

Olympic Triathlon :


In International format. Swimming (1.5 kms) / Cycling (40 kms) / Running (10 kms) . (In the same sequence)

Registration Charges: Rs 1500 for Olympic  Triathlon.

Sprint Triathlon :


20 kms cycling / 5 kms running / 750 mtrs swim  (In the same sequence - i.e. Standard International distances with difference sequence)

Registration Charges: Rs 1100 for Sprint Triathlon.

Novice Triathlon:


8 kms cycling / 2 km running / 300 mtrs swim (In the same sequence - i.e. Standard International distances with different sequence)

Registration Charges: Rs. 750.00  for Novice Triathlon.

Team Relay Triathlon:


Sprint Level : 750 Mts Swimming / 20 Km Cycling / 5 km Running .

Registration Charges: Rs 700.00 per individual.


Novice Level: 300 Mts Swimming / 8 Km Cycling / 2 Km Running.

Registration Charges: Rs 600.00 per individual.

Different individuals can do each event 


Duathlon Olympic:
Running: ( 10 ) km / Cycling: ( 40 ) km / Running: ( 5 ) km
Registration Charges: Rs. 1000  per individual.

Duathlon Sprint:
Running: ( 5 ) km / Cycling: ( 20 ) km / Running: ( 3 ) km
Registration Charges: Rs. 650  per individual.

Duathlon Novice:

Cycling: ( 8 ) km / Running: ( 2 ) km
Registration Charges: Rs. 500  per individual.


Kids under 15 yrs: Rs. 100.00 discount on all events. Enter code UND15 during registration. D.O.B Proof has to be submitted at the event.

Cycles can be availed on rent if you pay in advance - Rs. 150.00

Early Bird Registration till 31 August 2013.

for more details please visit www.hyderabadtriathlon.com
Note: Please make sure you register with the GHAC meetup page for the appropriate level. Please check http://www.meetup.com/great-hyderabad-adventure-club/events/130497122/
Contact: 040-23350008, triathlon@ghac.in
Event Details / ID : 30769

October 20, 2013


5:00 am - 5:00 pm

GMC Balyogi Stadium, Gachibowli
Hyderabad   ,Andhra Pradesh

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GMC Balyogi Stadium, Gachibowli Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh