Hyderabad Premier League

Hyderabad Premier League


  • Player registration

    Player who have not played any major tournaments organised by HCA , CAT , TAC , BCCI or state and central government can register here .

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 200
    Sold Out
  • League player Registration

    Players who played at least one league match organised by HCA can register here . Chances of positioning yourself in auction board will be higher when compared to normal player registration .

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 500
    Sold Out
  • Captain registration

    Any player who played atleast one HCA league match or captain of college team can register here . This player will be made captain for one of teams played . *Limited registrations* .

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 1200
    Sold Out
  • College team registrations

    A group of 11 players from same college can register here . Chances of positioning your team/name in auction board will be higher than compared with any registration after League team .

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 3000
    Sold Out
  • HCA - League team registration

    A group of 11 HCA league players can register here . Chances of positioning yourself in auction board will be higher than compared with any of the registrations .

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 5000
    Sold Out

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About The Event

The Hyderabad premier league (abbreviated to HPL or HPLT20) is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament held in the Hyderabad. This is the first edition of HPL exclusively for students in Hyderabad and Telangana Districts . The main motto of this league is to bring out young talents in Telangana . This event is powered by Elyuxen Student newspaper and HPL is part of Hyderabad fest (About to happen in March-April) . 10 teams (10 Franchises ) sponsored by 10 companies will participate in HPL . Registered players will be put into auction desk . Performance matches will start from 24th October where the player performance will be documented and submitted to Franchises .

Venue : LB Stadium 

Tournament Process : 

Registered players will be called for performance matches and player profile will be documented through a high-end security data management system supported by Google . The tournament will be held in three rounds .

The first round will be Documentation round where player profiles , batting/bowling style and Level of cricket played .

The second round will be performance matches where registered players will be given a task to complete to get grade points to position themselves higher in auction boards  .

The third round will be team matches where a team of 11 players will be formed and play against each other .

After three rounds players will be positioned according to the performance in auction board . Each team will have 11 players , 1 super sub , 1 substitute and 2 bench players and 5 reserve players .Each team will have a coach , Practice nets and ground , Fitness center and a Team manager . 

Last date for registration : There is no last date for registration but registration fee will increase every two weeks . 

Eligibility : Any HUMAN below 24 years of age , who played cricket before can register .  


FAQ :  

1.I am 12 years old can I register ? 

a. Yes, you can register . Any player under 24 years 240 days can register .  

2.I played one league match during my school days and I am 23 years now . Can I register as player or league player ?

a. League player . Even if you have played one league match , you should register as League player . If you have already registered as the player then register as league player now and we will refund your player registration money .

3. I don't have the debit card or credit card . can i register through offline registration ?

a. Yes . Offline registrations will start from Oct 22nd .

place : LB stadium 

4. Will you pay for the selected auction players ?

a. Yes but only to the players who play at least 4 matches . 

5. Can I purchase a franchise ?

a. Yes . Contact : 8686816396 karthik Eyan 

For any questions or queries message to this page www.facebook.com/elyuxen