Global 100 Saree Pact Group 1st Anniversary Meet

Global 100 Saree Pact Group 1st Anniversary Meet


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    Last Date: 26-11-2016

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About The Event

The Global 100 Saree Pact Group was initiated as a closed group on Facebook in November 2015 with a 4-member team and today we are over 4000 members.

The group commits to wearing sarees at least 100 times in one year. This way we showcase the intricate weaving skills of India, fusion fabrics, ethnic wear and most importantly motivate women to wear sarees so that it does not go the kimono way and die out.

The idea is to wear a saree, describe the saree, number the post and upload on Facebook and appreciate the weaves and the wearers. 

November 2016 marks one year of this movement and we will celebrate the first anniversary on:
Saturday the 26th of November 2016 at 
The Marriot Convention Hall
3.00 - 6.00 pm.

Please encourage us by buying a ticket and spreading this message to at least 5 others.

The main event comprises of a Fashion Show specially conceived and designed for The Global 100 Saree Pact Group by Kalanjali, along with Music, Lucky Dip Prizes, Discount Coupons, Exhibition and Sale through Special stalls, promoting the cause of giving for rural brides, and last but not least a HiTea.
Please get your tickets through MeraEvents for Rs 500 each.
Each ticket is eligible for a discount at Kalanjali Stores and very special lucky dip prizes.
Looking forward to seeing you there with your group of friends and making the event a celebration of the saree, sisterhood and camaraderie.
Santha John
Tejdeep Kaur Menon
Kinnera Murthy
Seeta Kuchi
Veni La