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Women’s empowerment is an age old issue that continues to plague the world and in India, despite all the laws and policies to bring about parity, gender discrimination is still a glaring truth.  Be it in social or work life, this gender inequality has been a black spot on the otherwise developing country. But in spite of this, women have gradually entering into traditionally male dominated realms and carved a niche for themselves.

One such field is the field of music. No we are not talking about singers, it the more traditional field of composing, performing and research which largely excludes women.  The Indian music industry has always seen women in the more accepted role as singers and dancers, but when it comes to playing instruments or song-writing, composing, the roles get reversed. To challenge this role reversal and establish women as a part of this realm, the band “Sree Shakti” was formed and for the first time, the famous group will be playing live as Rhythms Of Stree Shakti on the 19th of May, 2012 @ St. Johns Auditorium, Bangalore. The concert is being organized by Sri Rathnalaya Foundation whose main objective is to promote music and encourage women to be more active in composing, performing and research in music to end the continuing gender discrimination in this field.

Directed by Mumbai based Tabla virtuoso and percussionist Anuradha Pal, “Stree Shakti” is India’s first ever female fusion band and in a traditionally male dominated realm, this all women’s percussion based vocal and instrumental group represents the emergence and rise of woman power. Anuradha Pal herself is a renowned  table player and percussionist who trained under legendary Tabla Maestros like Zakir Hussain and Alla Rakha.

The specialty of the group’s fusion music is that it combines the instruments and the traditional repertoire of the Hindustani and Carnatic music of the North and South producing a melodious blend of the classical and contemporary. The group has already performed in festivals around the world like WOMAD (UK), Rhythm Sticks Festival, Commonwealth Games Festival, Cardiff Jazz Festival, BBC Music Live Festival (Scotland), Bangkok International Music festival, Asian Music Festival etc.

So come and enjoy a melodious evening with beautiful music created by these talented ladies. Tickets sales are open so,


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