Ethical Hacking Workshop 2012

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We all know that hackers are constantly trying to steal private information by getting into their victim’s system, either by exploiting the software installed in the system or by some other means. Been around for more than a century, hackers are (depending on whom you ask) usually harmless pranksters, curious techies, noble freedom fighters or dangerously unpredictable cyber terrorists but with the global boom in the Internet and ever-cheaper personal computers, hacking is spreading dangerously, getting more sophisticated and, in many cases, a lot nastier.

But ethical hacking is different. It takes place with the explicit permission of a company or individual who do not know if their security system is solid unless they test it. To do this task they employ ethical hackers who try to breach the company’s security systems using the same techniques used by illegal hackers. Growing in an otherwise lackluster IT industry, they are becoming increasingly common outside the government and technology sectors where they began and now many large companies, such as IBM, are also maintaining employee teams of ethical hackers.

Sound Interesting? Well, it is! That’s why InfySec is having the Ethical Hacking 2012 workshop. So, if you’re someone who’s interested in ethical hacking, or someone who is anxious about network infrastructure & data integrity or just someone seeking a breakthrough career into information security, this is the workshop of the month that you’ve got to attend.

Taking place on the 26th and 27th of May 2012 from 10:00am to 5:45pm at the Grande Banquets, Global Mall in Bangalore the Ethical hacking Workshop 2012 will be a jaw dropping, entertaining and educative learning experience for the security enthusiasts and ethical hackers across the country!

With Ethical Hacking techniques and countermeasures directly from experienced Ethical Hackers, Hands on Practical Sessions on the latest tools with a Game-Like environment with a story board, intense knowledge sharing sessions, LIVE demonstrations, Capture-the-Flag Competitions and technologies that enables you to discover and contribute to make the world a SECURE place to live in, this workshop has got everything you need to know about ethical hacking.

So what are you waiting for?

Book Your Passes Here now and get ready for an amazing workshop with some of the best ethical hackers of our country. But hurry there’s limited passes only!!


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