IPL 2012: RCB vs PW

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Between the two, the PW have being doing very well this season with three wins out of four matches while the RCB have been having a stroke of really bad luck.

In their last game, the RCB team lost heavily to the RR who breezed through the match with a 59-run victory and before that the CSK team managed to chase down and beat the 205 total that the RCB team had posted. So what went wrong? It was supposed to be a Gayle storm but for some reason, it fizzled out without amounting to much. Villiers, Kohli, Muralitharan were supposed to be the big players but for some reason, both the batting and the bowling has fallen flat on its face. Captain Vettori might have a good player line up but unless they shape up soon, the RCB will be seeing their name sitting on the bottom slot currently occupied by the DC. But despite the slumps, the team is not to be taken lightly as has already been proved in their games against the DD so fans can still hope for a sudden turn around.

The PW are flying high on the back of three wins. With Skipper Ganguly at the helm, the team has shaped up to an extent nobody really expected them to. Despite the obvious lack of “big” names, the team has been going from strength to strength even turning their loss into a positive learning experience. But though they may not have any big names to boast about, the team as a whole has shown a very consistent performance with players like Samuels, Uthappa, Dinda and Sharma turning out to be real gems! In fact, the PW warriors exceeded all expectations this time and critics of Ganguly have had to eat the humble pie for saying he had “lost his touch.” Quite the contrary, his leadership has proved good for the team while the players themselves have worked very hard to shake of their previous image as a non-performing team.

Keeping all this and more in mind, tonight’s much anticipated game between the RCB and the PW is a must-see. Will the PW be able to continue their winning spree or will the RCB team upset their apple cart? The outcome is unpredictable so pull out those batons and horns and get ready to blow the house down (or the stadium!) when the two teams face off against each other at Bangalore.


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