Competency Based Interviewing Skills

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The common knowledge is that an interview is a scary thing for any one whether fresher or experienced. Going into that oh so formal room with your interviewers sitting there almost feels like going in for a trail, after all, your career is at stake. But what about the interviewers point of view. What does the person sitting on the other side of the table think about the process?  The general answer would be –that the interviewer shouldn’t have to worry about anything; after all, he/she is the one taking the interview. Well, in reality, it is not quite as simple.

 An interviewer has to have some knowledge of the skill he is interviewing for, without that, he cannot properly judge the value of an applicant. An uninformed interviewer may reject an applicant who in reality could have brought great value to the company. Any decision maker in a company (manager, team lead, project head, hr head etc) has the legitimate right to participate in a recruitment and selection process but that that does not necessarily imply that the person is qualified to conduct a proper interview. Most interviewers will agree that they have never received any kind of training in the art of interviewing. But it is never too late to learn so if you want to learn how conduct a selection or competency based interview then it would be in your best interest to attend the Competency Based Interviewing Skills workshop being held @ Hotel Parle International, Mumbai from the 20th to the 21st of April, 2012.

This program is designed to teach interviewers how to conduct competency based interviews. Since interviews are conducted across the professional sphere for different competencies, the training is designed to provide some general tools and techniques that can be useful to any interviewer. The workshop is also specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Indian recruitment process. This customization was provided by Dr. S. Prabakar Kamath who, for the last three decades has facilitated recruitment process for various organizations.

Over the two days, participants will not only learn how to conduct competency based interviewed but will also get to understand more about the different competencies and their structures. Additionally you will develop certain job-based skills which might come in handy.

The workshop is open to all CXOs, HR Heads, Recruitment Managers, Entrepreneurs, HR Specialists, Consultants, Recruitment Agency Heads and Head Hunters who would like to gain a better understanding of how to assess an interview candidate to get the best possible talent for the company. So hurry and REGISTER yourself for training that will be extremely useful to you. 


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